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Michael Jackson - Xscape


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yeah, it's good for the fans, but at the same time, I don't think it's cool to release his songs with others producers without his approval.

They said with this album, the producers who worked on it were people he was already working with or people he wanted to work with. I think it's largely produced by Timbaland and Darkchild.

They also mentioned the final version of "Slave to the Rhythm" will be on it! :hail:

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FINALLY! I can't believe this has taken so long! The cover is flawless. :hail:

I'm excited, especially if Timbo and Darkchild are producing. I hope they can convince people who Michael wanted to work with like Gaga and Britney to jump on songs as well, or at least remixes. I get the argument about him not having approved the songs, but I think the best thing to do in this case is put them all in the hands of producers and people he trusted like Darkchild and certain members of his family and ask them what the best thing to do is.

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Guest kitten

i heard about this yesterday and thought it was an april fools joke  :shocked:

im not really an MJ fan but it's cool they're doing this

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