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  1. Matilda Mantis

    Interview: Matilda Mantis - Digital Popstar

    You have to intiate things sometimes
  2. Matilda Mantis

    Cosmic - Matilda Mantis

    PS: Check out the blog for a interview with me.
  3. Matilda Mantis

    Cosmic - Matilda Mantis

    Nope. Still Underworks. I'm too ambitious tbh
  4. Matilda Mantis

    Cosmic - Matilda Mantis

    PS: I have something really cool coming up!
  5. You all should check out the Recording Studio sub forum for some really cool music made by fellow members! There is some crazy talent there as well.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      The Recording Studio just gets better and better tbh. :hail: I'm so impressed by everyone on there, but it makes my own music sound inadequate. :stretcher: 

  6. Matilda Mantis

    The Shade Thread

    Some of these new hoes need to fuck off back to what ever rotten Lana Boards thread they came from.
  7. Matilda Mantis

    Carcunt III | The Shady Sequel

    Bitch, Carcunt was here before you so don't go all acting smug. Go be a cunt elsewhere. My baby! I've missed you!
  8. I want a group of black men to run a train on me
  9. Matilda Mantis

    Psychic Nikki Predicts 2016 Pop Culture Happenings

    Charlie Sheen admitted AIDS, which covers 3 of them.
  10. Matilda Mantis

    Psychic Nikki Predicts 2016 Pop Culture Happenings

    You guys, a bunch of these came true
  11. Matilda Mantis

    Announcing #PopHatesAshley!

    The new header is shit.
  12. Matilda Mantis

    TIDAL Reveals 'The Life of Pablo' Stream Amounts

    Here's the thing, this streaming only plan will bite him back for one reason, after cycle sells, aka the people that buy albums 2to 3 years after release, which helps an artist keep getting music to new ears, something the current industry methods require.
  13. Matilda Mantis

    Selena Gomez Covers W Magazine

    I love the interview, it's very mature and thought provoking.
  14. Matilda Mantis

    Teddy Sinclair (Natalia Kills) Talks DONALD TRUMP

    Maybe both, I mean she is no stranger to drug use, just look at her career.
  15. Matilda Mantis

    PHF Radio Returns!!!!

    I'm moist.

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