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  1. Speakerphone

    "Mass Batch Of Flops Leak"

    Tell me if you find a link or if someone send you one! I'm mostly interested in the Kerli tracks and the A*M*E ones. Don't really care about the others! If someone can send me those, I'd be very grateful
  2. Speakerphone

    "Mass Batch Of Flops Leak"

    Can someone please reup? I was at 98% and it just got deleted
  3. Speakerphone

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  4. Speakerphone

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  5. Speakerphone

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    Same! If the whole season is like the first episode, I'm sure I will love it. It was great. And I like the fact that they didn't introduced a lot of the characters in the first episode. Can't wait for the next one!!
  6. Speakerphone

    American Horror Story Ideas

    "American Horror Story: Forget about the last three seasons, this one is actually good!" It's a long title but it's what I want
  7. Speakerphone

    Currently Listening To..

    Don't know what to think about that new album.
  8. Speakerphone

    The Saddest Songs Ever Thread

    Oh, I forgot that one well, I think I'm going to kill myself now!
  9. Speakerphone

    The Saddest Songs Ever Thread

    Kinda depressed too now, thank you @Tweener !! But yes, it's one of the few songs that can really make me cry. And that song was used in the finale of the season 1 of The Big C, and it was SO SAD!!
  10. Speakerphone

    The Saddest Songs Ever Thread

    They are so many but here's the first that comes to mind Send a hope upon a wave A dying wish before the grave Send a hope upon a wave For all the souls you failed to save And I find it kinda funny I find it kinda sad The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had
  11. Speakerphone

    What is your favorite album all time?

    It's the best Myah Marie album. It's true
  12. Speakerphone

    its vowelzsz

    Welcome Jack !!
  13. Speakerphone

    Artwork Crossover

    That's amazing !! I love it !
  14. Speakerphone

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    I may be the only one but I was tired of Jessica since the season 3. So I'm not mad she left. It's not her fault tho, it's just the character she had to play that annoys me
  15. Speakerphone

    Currently Listening To..

    Sadly I think we have more chances with Frank than with John Florence & The Machine / Dog Days Are Over

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