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  1. Where have you gone? :fishie:

    1. Tweener


      He is gone to the pits of Hell where his place is:evil:

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Little Body, Big Ho. :orly: 

  2. it's a good thing i know you're not always a shady bish
  3. Omfg!! Can you one for Sia & Allie X?
  4. They're either fake or the thing she's wearing makes her look fatter cuz she looked the same last week, she couldn't have put that much weight on in 4 days...
  5. Why, the concept sounds amazing though...
  6. Here's my list, it's not in order + it's more than twenty, but still... i don't wanna choose Sia Bebe Rexha Aurora Dua Lipa Allie X SAARA Melanie Martinez Lana Del Rey Cruel Youth Izzy Bizu Elephant Bonnie Mckee Banks Foxes Lily Allen Bishop Briggs Brooke Candy Noonie Bao Charli XCX Marina Diamandis Lorde Iggy Azalea That Poppy Britney Spears
  7. yasssssssssss thnx
  8. can you fix this a bit? the colouring is off
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