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    Lana Del Rey Uses Witchcraft to Destroy Donald Trump


    Singer Lana Del Rey has alluded to conducting a witchcraft practise on Twitter in an effort to "bind" US President Donald Trump.

    Fans noticed the Tweet as soon as it was posted, but many assumed that the dates included, which read "Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23" were in someway related to her album campaign and not the current state of world politics.

    However, after the day of the 24th came and went without any career announcement from Del Rey, people started searching for alternate explanations. It seems that the four dates she posted are in fact days of the waning crescent moon - a time which witches think of as a point in your life to relieve stress and negativity from the world.

    Del Rey's instruction of "midnight" aligns the Tweet with a movement online which aims to "Bind Donald Trump". According to the movement, followers were to cast at midnight on Friday Eastern Standard Time (as this is the time zone Trump is currently residing in) in an effort to "bind" him - which is apparently the magical equivalent of "ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone".

    The ingredients used are relatively easy to find, and include an "unflattering photo of Trump", a "Tower tarot card" (which can be printed at home, an "orange candle" (or a baby orange vegetable) and a feather. Adherents should arrange the items in a circle and read a prayer aloud, such as the 23rd Psalm.

    Del Rey must be taking a break from the production on her as yet untitled upcoming fifth studio album. The lead single, 'Love', was released a week ago on the 18th with a vintage-inspired music video coming soon after. The album is set to follow later this year.

    What do you think of Del Rey's suggestion? Will you be taking part in the binding ceremony? For our part, we never knew that witchcraft could be so easy, but now that we do we might end up using this spell on all the Cassadee Pope traders who have been infecting our forum lately.

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    36 minutes ago, Baby V Alex said:

    Still she voted for her and claims that she doesn't believe in gay rights or go marriage, she tends to forget she is a dyke

    She never said she doesn't believe in gay marriage, she said she didn't use to believe in gay marriage but has since changed her mind.

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    On 3/2/2017 at 0:45 AM, Baby V Alex said:

    She is a republican aka gay rights don't mean shit to her



    Almost 60% of Americans are fine with gay marriage and Trump only had like 20% of the population vote for him...There's a huge amount of people who voted Trump but still support gay rights.

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