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  1. thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments.
  2. This is SO fake. The person just put instruments to one of the demo acapellas! And by the way, isn't the OTTR demo on the Born To Die French Sampler?
  3. Updated the post with Fucked My Way Up To The Top, Music To Watch Boys To and Video Games! I also updated the YouTube links.
  4. This post is so cute, thanks for sharing! Wait till you hear my Swan Song and The Blackest Day remix :3
  5. Thanks! You'll definitely going to love 'The Blackest Day', the influence is so 'Summertime Sadness' and BTD-ish. It my favorite song off Ultraviolence and probably the first one I remixed, but I've done a lot more after it hehe
  6. Yeah, thats the main idea of all of my remixes. 'Swan Song' it weird because I made it a little bit rock-ish but there are some elements from Born To Die too. I'd like to make a fast remix of Cruel World like what she performed on The Endless Summer Tour but the sheets I bought are not in the same key of the original song. Shades Of Cool was also difficult to give a Born To Die vibe and I hated it so much because I've been in love of that song forever.
  7. wait until you see the artwork I made for the remix EP! I love it so much, but I won't release my remixes as an EP until I complete at least 15 remixes. I just completed 'Swan Song' I made it faster and it sounds like if it were from Ultraviolence. 'Power, Money, Glory', 'The Blackest Day' (with a big 'Summertime Sadness' vibe), 'You Can Be The Boss' and 'Off To The Races' are done too, but I'm waiting a little to leak those since they're my favorites.
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