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Found 12 results

  1. Watch the video version of this article here! Lady Gaga is well known for making promises to her fans which she doesn't always come through on. Between a handful of unreleased music videos and an entire scrapped album, Little Monsters have gotten used to taking every announcement with a grain of salt and waiting for concrete releases before jumping on the hype bandwagon. But out of all of her broken promises, most likely the hardest for Gaga's fans to digest are the failed collaborations which she's teased before their ultimate cancellation. There are endless reasons for such c
  2. Grimes has confirmed via Instagram that she has worked with DISGASTING Banks on a song for DISGASTING's album, Fantasea II: The Career I Could Have Had. I used to like 'Kill V. Maim' but after this I'm having nothing to do with Grimes anymore. The fact that these Hollywood liberals can be so against homophobia, sexism and racism when it's conducted by a white man like Trump but are totally fine with it coming from a black woman is disgusting to me. Bye Grimes!
  3. Just when we thought that the good sis Azealia Banks had well and truly buried her career once and for all when she incited the rage of the world's most fearsome fanbase, the Directioners, 2016's version of the Hydra has reared another one of it's ugly heads - and this one is noticeably paler than the last. Just months after referring to former One Direction singer Zayn Malik as a "curry scented bitch", the formerly well-renowned rapper has taken once again to the Internet to reveal to her rapidly diminishing fanbase that she has begun the process of bleaching her skin. Describing th
  4. Azealia Banks 34 mins · Facebook Mentions · Nicki girl..... now listen. Don't start throwing shade cause you miss safaree and know that I've actually made a BANGER with him. Don't get mad, get even. Slim down a bit (especially in your neck and arms). Decrease the butt just a bit (I've seen your butt make some really expensive dresses look really cheap) and STOP WEARING SPANDEX AS AN OUTFIT FOR FUCKS SAKE. Also stop calling yourself the queen
  5. Just when we thought that the gay bashing, bouncer punching, fake friend to Rihanna/real friend to rapists/occasional musician Azealia Banks had finally disappeared from the pop radar, the twenty first centuries representation of jealousy has reared it's ugly head once more to spew even more entitled opinions laced with sexism, racism and homophobia! Banks fittingly waited until the first day of black history month to announce that she would officially be endorsing Donald Trump in the 2016 American presidential elections, before going on a full-blown rant about racism, capitalism, the
  6. This was posted on Azealia Banks' Snapchat story earlier today, and was described by her as a video of her sacrificing chickens. "The amount of cunt that is about to come off my floor right now guys, oh my God," she says in a prelude to the main video, which has since been deleted. "Three years worth of brujeria [witchcraft]. Yes, you know I got to scrape all this shit up. I got my sandblaster and my goggles." In response, Queen of Animal Rights Sia tweeted: If there are no objections, PHF will now be an Azealia Banks free zone. I'm sick of her disgusting comment
  7. Just gonna keep posting all the disgusting shit that this girl says because it's fun to watch her fans try and justify all this shit.
  8. Iggy got real during a Power 106 interview about contemplating suicide due to all the negative comments she heard from both the general public and the industry following her debut album. Later, on an Instagram post regarding the interview, Azealia encouraged Iggy to commit suicide. So I guess the real question here is: how can her fans justify their support of her? This is a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic basket case and at this point I don't really think it matters how good or bad her music is. How does she still have fans?
  9. Azealia Banks, one-time star and full-time irritant, has made waves for her destructive behaviour once again after being arrested outside New York's Up&Down club last night. The incident mirrors a similiar situation which occured in September, when Banks controversially called a flight attendant a "fucking faggot" after an on-flight scuffle in which she spat in a man's face and scratched at his shirt. According to sources, Banks was at the club for a private party which required a hand stamp to get in. When she tried to enter the downstairs party with no stamp and a guest who was
  10. Azealia Banks, the former rapper who is now known more for her insane Twitter rants and aggressive publicity stunts, has faced more controversy today following an encounter on a plane in which she spit in a man's face, punched him, and called a flight attendant a "fucking faggot". The incident started when Azealia, who was sitting in row six, tried to leave the plane ahead of a French passenger and his wife, who were seated in row three. The man held out his hand to prevent her from going past them, and Azealia allegedly snapped on the passenger. Allegedly, Azealia began by spitting in the man
  11. This woman is a disgusting pig and I am disgusted by anyone who stans her.
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