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Found 9 results

  1. Almost a year after he deleted his Twitter account back in May of 2017, Kanye West has reactivated his account - and it's already gotten him back in the headlines, thanks to a selection of Tweets in support of US President Donald Trump. Kanye started Tweeting again ten days ago, and his early Tweets were marked by a slew of announcements:a philosophy book, called Break the Simulation; a seven track solo album; a collaborative album with Kid Cudi called Kids See Ghost; and three albums produced by him for Pusha T, Teyana Taylor and Nas. But it didn't take long before the Tweets took a
  2. The devil has spoken. In a world where Kim Kardashian defends a racist Jeffree Star (and then apologises) and Porcelain Black stands by Donald Trump's side, we are no longer surprised when we hear news about other ignorant celebrities sticking with these disgusting human creatures. Once relevant celebrity Paris Hilton simply had to add her five cents into the discussion as she defended her family's longtime friend Donald Trump and his "grab them by the pussy" comment in a new interview. The 36-year-old heiress started out the interview by stating that she didn’t actually vote for Do
  3. Newly elected President Donald Trump and new First Lady Melania Trump have been compared to their predecessors, the Obamas, almost nonstop since the former announced his intention to run. Comparisons came to a head back in July of last year when it was found that Melania had quoted almost word for word a speech that Michelle made at the 2008 Democratic Convention, in her best imitation of a high school student who uses Wikipedia for a source and changes a word here and there so as to not get noticed. Then, earlier last week, the official POTUS Twitter account was slammed for stealing an i
  4. In the world of politics today, Donald Trump has yet again broken out a controversy after announcing a newly enforced ban which forbids transgender American citizens from entering the army and serving their country. The news was announced on Twitter, and immediately received backlash from Twitter users from around the world, and many celebrities. Not long after the tweets, the hashtag "#TransRightsAreHumanRights" went viral and was tweeted and shared by thousands of people, including celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. After Trump's claims
  5. Singer Lana Del Rey has alluded to conducting a witchcraft practise on Twitter in an effort to "bind" US President Donald Trump. Fans noticed the Tweet as soon as it was posted, but many assumed that the dates included, which read "Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23" were in someway related to her album campaign and not the current state of world politics. However, after the day of the 24th came and went without any career announcement from Del Rey, people started searching for alternate explanations. It seems that the four dates she posted are in fact days of the waning crescent moo
  6. Just when we thought that the gay bashing, bouncer punching, fake friend to Rihanna/real friend to rapists/occasional musician Azealia Banks had finally disappeared from the pop radar, the twenty first centuries representation of jealousy has reared it's ugly head once more to spew even more entitled opinions laced with sexism, racism and homophobia! Banks fittingly waited until the first day of black history month to announce that she would officially be endorsing Donald Trump in the 2016 American presidential elections, before going on a full-blown rant about racism, capitalism, the
  7. If you thought that Caitlyn Jenner's recent revelation as a transgender woman would change her political views, you'll be sadly disproven by the reality TV stars latest interview with Sports Illustrated in which she not only publicly expressed her support for Donald Trump, but also indicated that he was apparently "very much behind" both females and the LGBT community. Jenner, who has come under enormous fire from liberal commentators regarding her staunchly Republican views, made the claim in a new article with Sports Illustrated for which she was the cover girl. Jenner began by condemni
  8. Cruel Youth lead Vocalist Teddy Sinclair posted a photo saying "make America great again" featuring pills last night and after #1 fan Carlos questioned her about her post she changed the tittle to "Make America High Again" and replied to him.
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