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  1. victorxcx

    Madonna - Beautiful Game

    It's probably one of my least favorites by her tbh, i love the singles but apart from that everything is too boring and overrated to me.
  2. victorxcx

    Madonna - Beautiful Game

    I'm not a fan of any of her albums after the amazing American Life but it's always exciting to have the queen back! If the new album have a least a few great songs like Living for Love or Devil Pray it's more than enough for me
  3. victorxcx

    Charmed Reboot

    OMG i didn't know about this! Will definitely watch it even though i don't like the CW shows. The original cast better make a least a cameo.
  4. victorxcx

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    Fall In Line feat. Demi Lovato tomorrow
  5. victorxcx

    Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

    I forgot to update this thread with the music videos, so here's Butterflies, Space Cowboy and Mother for those who haven't watched yet. Mother is so beautiful, deserved to be longer
  6. victorxcx

    Tidal Accused of Faking Beyoncé and Kanye's Numbers

    Tidal was never a thing though I never understood why they kept insisting in this failed streaming service but now i see that this is only a way they found to get some illegal coins đź’€
  7. victorxcx

    Dagny - That Feeling When

    I love Fight Sleep! If you liked it make sure to listen to her EP Ultraviolet, all the songs in it are really catchy.
  8. victorxcx

    Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right & Can't Dance

    OMG same here! At first i thought it was boring af but now i enjoy it a lot
  9. victorxcx

    A belated "Hello!"

    Finally! Welcome to phf, hope to see you around a lot dragging those people we hate or stanning Sugababes! You'd be surprised with the amount of people that stan the same flops we like, i'm sure you're gonna fit in just fine
  10. victorxcx

    Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life (Official Video)

    Yaaaaas now the best song of the album have a great video too!
  11. victorxcx

    Kehlani & Hayley Kiyoko Attack Rita Ora For 'Girls'

    I knew that some mess like this would happen I see their point and i think it's all bullshit. Like @Eclipse said perfectly, if the girls want to sing about an experience with another women because of a drink i don't see what's the problem tbh... I don't understand why they feel attacked by it, the fact that anyone would sleep with someone of the same sex because of a wine won't make Hayley or Kehlani less lesbian/bissexual. I agree that bisexuality is not well represented even in the LGBTQ+ circle but i don't see how this song would be harmful. Those bitches are just thirsty for retweets. I can't stand this Hayley girl, she acts like she invented lesbianism.
  12. victorxcx

    Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right & Can't Dance

    I liked everything she's releasing this era so far! I'm not a fan of the two other albums but i feel like i'll enjoy this one.
  13. victorxcx

    Britney Spears - I Have Nothing (LQ Snippet)

    I need all these BOMT demos and anything else by Britney to leak, gimme gimme more!
  14. victorxcx

    Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

    All the tracks are so good, keep slaying Charlie!

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