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  1. (Source: RIAA) Saw it on a site and thought it was very interesting. I already imagined that 'Come On Over' should be the best selling female album on United States as it is worldwide, but i was very surprised to see the lack of albums by Madonna, CĂ©line Dion, Barbra Streisand etc. Which of these albums are your favorites? Which albums you thought that were featured here but aren't? I really stan the Shania, Britney and Jewel albums on this list
  2. DO you BOP to Willa Ford?

    I've been wanting to get into her for a while, but i don't think i know any of her songs
  3. Fix the Era

    Fuck Moonlight and Bad Decisions since both are trash, but how could you delete Everyday and Sometimes
  4. Currently Listening To..

    I'll never get over this song!
  5. Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    Here's the song! https://drive.google.com/file/d/12EznE_TNle-xxTwb_neSGVJJ11LYiOTn/view hoping it will be another #1 for her
  6. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I don't judge you for being excited for the album, i am too! But since you like Kylie, don't you think we should wait for the official release instead of wishing for a leak that could ruin the entire era? I hope that she's gonna release some preorder singles until april but i really don't want it to leak. Hopefully everything can happen the way she planned with her team.
  7. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Has she given up on her career? She wasn't original at all but her songs were fun. Also, someone should make a masterpost here, her stuff is not the easiest to find Edit: omg just noticed we already have one
  8. Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    Yasssssssss i'm so ready! Totally here for a sexier sound from her, hopefully people will embrace this new image.
  9. What's your worst hook up experience???

    That was really cunty of him tbh... My worst hook up experience was when the guy brought his brother to our date
  10. Fix the Era

    Britney Spears - Glory First single: Make Me, with the original music video of course The same promotional singles: Private Show, Clumsy and Do You Wanna Come Over. All of them would have music videos and then DYWCO would be announced as the second single Third single: Slumber Party feat. Tinashe Fourth single: Just Luv Me - Different cover - Mood Ring would be a regular album track - All the instrumentals would be uploaded in some generic publishing site where all the gays have access. Let's not forget the Glory World Tour, which would not include Boys since its setlist would include her greatest hits and lots of album tracks of Glory. The album would also get a platinum edition with the Slumber Party remix and a dvd with all the music videos of the era.
  11. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Gaga bought the media, that's why she didn't had money for Joanne music videos
  12. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Sis the media also can't accept that Heidi outsold gaga, it's bionic era all over again, this discussion is over!
  13. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Yaaas king educate @MelaniesPlayground
  14. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Heidi's voice is totally natural, stay away hater
  15. The begging thread (please leak....)

    It's iconic though. 15 years old me is shaking

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