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  1. My New Puppy!

    Yeah, we have some cats that just appeared out of nowhere and i found some of them at the street, felt sorry for them and took them home. When that happens i have to lie to my mom that they appeared here and i never seen them before so she won't be mad The only problem is that i adopted a cat and then found out that she's pregnant so I'm probably getting four more or so in the next few days, but at least i know that the baby cats will be safe instead of being born in the streets and having no safe place to stay.
  2. Thoughts on Jelena?

    Poor Selegend deserves better than this trash... But if she's happy what can we do, maybe he's gonna be a less disgusting person for her.
  3. Sony Music Aus Fundation Single to help

    Cute pic but Delta Goodrem is not featured so i'm gonna pass it
  4. What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    Since this thread was revived i'm gonna update my top 10. I actually think that this will be my final top 10 of 2017 because the only upcoming albums of this year by artists that i care are Blue Lips, Reputation and the one by The Corrs that i forgot the title, but i'm not really excited for any of these. 10. Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me 9. Niall Horan - Flicker 8. Harry Styles - Harry Styles 7. Lorde - Melodrama 6. Shania Twain - Now 5. Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life 4. Lea Michele - Places 3. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel 2. Kesha - Rainbow 1. Take That - Wonderland
  5. Albums Released in 2018

    What the fuck??? I liked the other cover. And this tracklist is DISGASTING, 'Push Me To My Limit' is amazing but not a great opening track at all. I'm gonna keep mine as it was, and she should've added 'Saudade' too
  6. Witness Megarate | SEND IN RATES

    Tsunami and Roulette deserved better, but i really liked the top 3! Also, the 6 songs i like in the album ended in the top 6 so it was a positive result after all Loved the idea btw, you should do another megarate @robi
  7. Witness Megarate | SEND IN RATES

    You're making me think that some mess like Save as Draft or Into Me You See will take the top spot
  8. Witness Megarate | SEND IN RATES

    Very curious to see the results of this! If the PHF people has taste Roulette or Tsunami will be #1
  9. Definitive Ranking of Your Fav's Songs

    I was really bored so i made one for Charli, Demi and Ariana. I'm gonna do one for Britney later because this one looks like it's gonna take ages to be done. Charli (idk why London Queen and Break the Rules appeared twice but here we go) Demi (this top 3 is VERY accurate ) Ariana (If it wasn't for Love Me Harder the top 10 would be entirely made of Yours Truly )
  10. Hewwo

    Welcome! Tbh i never got into Loreen besides Euphoria, maybe i'll listen to this new album though since people are saying so many good things about it. When i was like 15 i was so obsessed about Janet, the 90's albums were the best. I barely listen to her music these days, but still respect her very much as an artist.
  11. Legendary bible. I agree that it could be released these days and still sound completely fresh. Forever my favorite Britney album, probably the only one that i don't need to skip any of the tracks.
  12. Fun little piece on 10th anniv of Blackout

    This album will always have a special place in my heart. Never heard anything that sounds like Blackout. It's a shame that most of the younger gays don't have any idea of masterpieces like this.

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