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  1. Eminem - RƎVIVAL

    Gross He can keep it
  2. Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape

    She never said no But did she say yes? She only made things worse for her through this statement. It opens too much interpretations that the events that Timothy said really happened.
  3. Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape

    So true. That's the reason why most rape victims keep these things to themselves. Imagine if it's true, not only having to deal with the trauma, but now this kind If attack.
  4. Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape

    I never liked Melanie at all but i was shocked to read it tbh. Some of her fans are being such a mess attacking this Timothy girl. I always choose to believe the victim so i hope that if it's real she'll have some closure and that Melanie will somehow pay for this.
  5. Are You Gay?

    lol no way, I'm christian
  6. The begging thread (please leak....)

    And to think that we're probably never getting this in full because of the flop spanish album she's failing to release
  7. American Horror Story: Cult

    Hotel was a trainwreck but Roanoke was really great, you should give it a try!
  8. American Horror Story: Cult

    In the first half i was so excited to watch the new episodes but then it got so annoying. You didn't like Roanoke tho? I guess that since Asylum that was my favorite season.
  9. 2018 Grammy Nominations Revealed

    I don't think it was a great song but even Katy's fart might sound better than Million Reasons
  10. 2018 Grammy Nominations Revealed

    Did you gays really expected Katy Perry to get nominations with that messy album? Of course tho is gross that Ed Sheeran was nominated, but i barely care about grammy's besides the best pop vocal album and best solo performance, which i'm really happy about! Kesha won't win this but obviously i'm cheering for her. Demi maybe deserved a nomination even with TMYLM being one of my least favorites from her in terms of music, it's clearly the album which she put her soul into. Julia Michaels better work those nominations And as usual Kelly was nominated too, so happy for her, in a year we're getting her nomination to best pop vocal album too
  11. American Horror Story: Cult

    The last season had an awful first episode and then it went GREAT, until like half of it when it became a hot mess. Ryan is really horrible at making sense of his stories, which is a shame because the concept of the season was really good.
  12. Loreen - Ride Poll

    i never heard that original version of Fire Blue, but wtf the album version is great. My favorite tracks are '71 Charger and Dreams. I like the string version of '71 too, and also like Hate The Way That I Love You and Jupiter Drive. The rest sounds the same to me
  13. Preach @Ruthless Love sis. That's not surprising at all Gay men can be as homophobic as a straight conservative person, if not more.
  14. Albums coming in 2018

    I'm pretty sure all of these will release albums except Charli, Kerli, Tinashe and The Veronicas I mean, Charli and Tinashe probably have thousands of songs ready to release but there's all the label drama, if we get a new mixtape it's good enough for me. I actually would love them to be dropped by their labels, it would be better for everyone. Kerli... lol The Veronicas seems to be facing a lot of drama with each other, i hope everything will be fine but i won't be surprised if they split. About Xtina, some producer who worked at her spanish album confirmed that she's releasing two albums next year The english one around march and the spanish one probably in Q4. She's really messy so it might take more than that but for some reason i really feel like she's about to drop something new.

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