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  1. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Melanie's Where Do Babies Come From was posted on soundcloud for like 3 minutes but was taken down. so far no one's posted it
  2. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    New Kim Petras. Dark Part of Your Heart https://picosong.com/wLg82/
  3. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    i literally don’t even want taxi or party for u to leak. i want her to properly release them. if taxi or party 4 u leaked it would be just like bounce. a good track but unfinished. and i don’t want that. i’m glad they didn’t leak.
  4. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    supposedly sophie will be releasing it in early september. and that’s what charli was excited about in her last xcx world video diary.
  5. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    sweetie i’m more than satisfied. i’m just saying, when hoards of stuff like this gets leaked and some of the tracks people have begged for months doesn’t surface it just makes me believe that no one has it and it’s safely stored in charli’s vault for future release.
  6. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    not necessarily unsatisfied, I just never cared for the things that leaked. Are they good? Of course. Could I have lived without it? Yes.
  7. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    All this new stuff and we still don’t have taxi or party 4 u. I’m convinced no one has it and it’s still locked in her vault
  8. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    A while ago
  9. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Can someone post Charli’s snippet?
  10. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Was it HQ?
  11. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Thank god. I was worried that was the direction she was taking her next album in.
  12. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    do you mean her third album? Like the one after emotion?
  13. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Yeah. I have it as part of my deluxe album
  14. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    Girl post a link then.
  15. marcsuxx

    Latest leaks

    bitch where did they leak?

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