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  1. Every JoJo album between The Highroad and Mad Love The last 54903289038420 incarnations of Joyride before Tinashe's final release of it Original Doll by Britney Angels Advocate by Mariah
  2. We LOVE the Queen!!!! Ugh. I'm so happy for her. She deserves this so much.
  3. I really do want her at a new label. RCA is terrible. 2 On did well, but could've been bigger with a bigger push. AHOD was really the hit that got away. There's no reason that song shouldn't have easily gone top 10, especially with such a killer video. I liked Me So Bad, but I think I just like it cause the video was so good. Flame was bad, but it doesn't surprise me RCA forced her to release it. I mean, it's RCA.
  4. As an active Tinashe stan, when she first announced her Joyride project, I was met with a feeling of huge excitement. Aquarius, her previous effort, was one of the strongest debut albums by a female artist in R&B, so I expected nothing less than amazing. Tinashe quickly dropped the lead single 'Party Favors' featuring Young Thug. After listening to it for the first time, I instantly fell in love. Shortly after, to my confusion, it was announced that 'Party Favors' would not be the lead single for Joyride, and that she would be releasing the legitimate lead single as a collaboration wi
  5. Omg why have I never heard this. Weave GONE!
  6. Omg girl should've kept it. It's a bop!
  7. You Lost Me and Lift Me Up are so gorgeous. I also like Vanity, Woohoo, and Glam.
  8. Bionic is criminally underrated. So many people hate on it just to jump on the bandwagon. A woohoo video with Nicki would've slayed!
  9. Cat is iconic, but her voice annoys the hell outta me. She's the best thing to happen to Victorious, though, lbr. Ariana is so talented, and I love her music. Definitely my favorite ex-act.
  10. Is it weird that I think Bobblehead is a bop
  11. Mariah: MC: Vanishing Emotions: If It's Over (the MTV unplugged live performance was a single, but the official song was not. It honestly could've been the fourth single since the album only got three, despite all the singles going top ten) Music Box: All I've Ever Wanted/Music Box Daydream: Melt Away Butterfly: Babydoll Rainbow: After Tonight (Could've been My All 2.0) Glitter: Lead the Way Charmbracelet: The One (Intended as the second single originally, and would've done much better than Boy)/Lullaby/Clown TEOM: Mine Again (Grammy winning song de
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