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  1. Britney Spears GLAAD 2018 Awards

    We LOVE the Queen!!!! Ugh. I'm so happy for her. She deserves this so much.
  2. Review: Tinashe's Joyride Was Worth The Wait

    I really do want her at a new label. RCA is terrible. 2 On did well, but could've been bigger with a bigger push. AHOD was really the hit that got away. There's no reason that song shouldn't have easily gone top 10, especially with such a killer video. I liked Me So Bad, but I think I just like it cause the video was so good. Flame was bad, but it doesn't surprise me RCA forced her to release it. I mean, it's RCA.
  3. As an active Tinashe stan, when she first announced her Joyride project, I was met with a feeling of huge excitement. Aquarius, her previous effort, was one of the strongest debut albums by a female artist in R&B, so I expected nothing less than amazing. Tinashe quickly dropped the lead single 'Party Favors' featuring Young Thug. After listening to it for the first time, I instantly fell in love. Shortly after, to my confusion, it was announced that 'Party Favors' would not be the lead single for Joyride, and that she would be releasing the legitimate lead single as a collaboration with Chris Brown. I, like most people, had mixed feelings about a duet with Brown due to his past behaviour. I decided not to judge a track based on past actions of the featured artist, though, and gave the song a chance. Once again, I was in love. I honestly believed this could be her breakout hit. But, time passed and Tinashe had no promotion for the single whatsoever. Months passed, and she embarked on the Joyride World Tour with no album released. The concert was phenomenal, and meeting her was an amazing experience. Hearing unreleased music intended for the album was probably the best experience. I was so ready to finally hear Joyride. However, the tour was eventually cancelled and an album never seen. Two years after the Joyride World Tour, we finally have the album. Preceded by lead single 'No Drama', Tinashe delivered a strong body of work that was well worth the patience of her fans, affectionately called her “SweeTees.” If I were to say this album would be up to par with Aquarius, or even her Nightride mixtape released in late 2016, I would be lying. However, it was not a disappointing listen. Tinashe delivered excellence through the singles 'No Drama', 'Me So Bad', and 'Faded Love'. Album tracks showcased her ability to stand as a strong figure in R&B music, especially so in songs such as 'Stuck with Me' and 'No Contest'. My only complaint about the album is that with it only being thirteen tracks, the need for interludes is unnecessary. The album contains an intro and two interludes, leaving the listener with only ten tracks to enjoy. The fact that the songs are all strong pieces slightly makes up for this issue, but compared to Aquarius's eighteen tracks (nineteen if you own Best Buy’s deluxe edition), the album is very short for one that was delayed so many years. Altogether, though, Tinashe has proven she is here to stay. Even if she hasn’t been given efficient label support through RCA Records, or a chance at radio success, Tinashe is one of the most promising artists of this decade. I look forward to witnessing the future of her career. Rating: 75/100 What did you think of Joyride? Let us know in the comments section down below!
  4. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    Omg why have I never heard this. Weave GONE!
  5. 39 demos from Kylie Minogue's "X" leaked

    Omg girl should've kept it. It's a bop!
  6. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    You Lost Me and Lift Me Up are so gorgeous. I also like Vanity, Woohoo, and Glam.
  7. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    Bionic is criminally underrated. So many people hate on it just to jump on the bandwagon. A woohoo video with Nicki would've slayed!
  8. Cat Valentine or Ariana Grande?

    Cat is iconic, but her voice annoys the hell outta me. She's the best thing to happen to Victorious, though, lbr. Ariana is so talented, and I love her music. Definitely my favorite ex-act.
  9. Cat Valentine or Ariana Grande?

    We love a WOC
  10. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    Is it weird that I think Bobblehead is a bop
  11. Songs That Should Have Been Singles

    Mariah: MC: Vanishing Emotions: If It's Over (the MTV unplugged live performance was a single, but the official song was not. It honestly could've been the fourth single since the album only got three, despite all the singles going top ten) Music Box: All I've Ever Wanted/Music Box Daydream: Melt Away Butterfly: Babydoll Rainbow: After Tonight (Could've been My All 2.0) Glitter: Lead the Way Charmbracelet: The One (Intended as the second single originally, and would've done much better than Boy)/Lullaby/Clown TEOM: Mine Again (Grammy winning song despite not being a single...A slay!) E=MC2: Migrate (I think everyone agrees with this)/For the Record Memoirs of an imperfect Angel: More than just friends, Candy bling, angel's cry (solo. Ne-yo ruined the song!) MIAM...TEC: FADED! FADED! FADED! Britney: BOMT: I will be there OIDIA: DGKOMD/WUSIWUG Britney: Cinderella/Lonely In the Zone: IGTBB Blackout: Perfect Lover/Ooh Ooh Baby/Get Naked Circus: Mannequin Femme Fatale: Inside Out/Up n Down Britney Jean: Alien Glory: Better/Just Luv Me/DYWCO Medoner: Medoner: Physical Attraction LAV: (lol) True Blue: White Heat LAP: Promise to Try Erotica: Where life begins Bedtime Stories: Survival/IRBYL ROL: Sky Fits Heaven Music: Runaway Lover American Life: Nobody Knows Me COADF: Future Lovers Hard Candy: Candy Shop MDNA: I'm Addicted Ebolart: Iconic
  12. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

  13. 39 demos from Kylie Minogue's "X" leaked

    Nu-di-ty is definitely my favorite on the album. Reminds me of something from Britney's Blackout.
  14. Will your fave be relevant in 20 years?

    I think Britney and Mariah's legacies will live on. They'll probably be like Diana Ross or something. Like, not relevant in music, but known by everyone and seen as legends.

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