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  1. 1000FormsOfEmotion

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Changed my avi because I realised most people have an artist as theirs and my account looked a tad narcissistic 💀 For anyone who cares, here's my face. Late 90's Deirdre Barlow (RIP) is my style inspo.
  2. 1000FormsOfEmotion

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    This is a looooooooong shot and I keep bugging @victorxcx about it but if anyone knows anything about songs from Union J's original third album, I wouldn't mind being directed to them. Some song titles are Wildfire, Fade and Dream of Your Love. I was sent little snippets of the studio versions after buying Super VIP tickets for their show in early 2017 and I NEED them, especially Wildfire. They are bops. They've had a line-up change and moved to a different label since then and one of the members told me they're doing 100% new stuff so I fear these 2016/2017 sessions won't see the light of day 😩
  3. 1000FormsOfEmotion

    A belated "Hello!"

    Hi there, my name is Sean. I've actually been signed up to the forum for over a year now but never quite got around to using the place. Pop forums are a bit alien to me so I have no idea where to start and that was part of the reluctance. I've viewed the place from time to time and my friend @victorxcx is also a member. Thought it was about time I "debuted" so to speak 😝 About me? I'm not all that interesting. I'm Scottish-Irish and a typical geeky 21 year old with an obsession for collecting physical music. Pretty sure I'm addicted to buying CDs and vinyl. Also attend way too many concerts and have a habit of embarrassing myself in front of my faves. I have word vomit so expect tales of my awkward M&Gs and encounters. In terms of my favourite artists, there are too many to name. If you're an artist and I like you then I'll fully support whatever you do (RIP my bank account) and if I don't like you, I don't give you my coin. I'm pretty black and white that way. I love my OG Queens like Madonna, Kylie, Mariah, Janet etc. Although it's not a popular stance but I do enjoy a bunch of male artists with One Direction meaning a lot to me and other sweet guys like Shawn Mendes and Austin Mahone are getting my coin. I stay away from the problematic ones haha. Also love a bunch of the new generation of pop girls bar a small handful. Pretty versatile when it comes to supporting the artists in the pop landscape. You'll most likely hear me talking (and probably boring you) about forgotten British and Irish acts of the late 90s and 00s. Sugababes? Billie Piper? Atomic Kitten? Samantha Mumba? Slay! 😂😝 Also, sorry if I post this in the wrong section. I have no clue what I'm doing haha.

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