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  1. Changed my avi because I realised most people have an artist as theirs and my account looked a tad narcissistic 💀 For anyone who cares, here's my face. Late 90's Deirdre Barlow (RIP) is my style inspo.
  2. This is a looooooooong shot and I keep bugging @victorxcx about it but if anyone knows anything about songs from Union J's original third album, I wouldn't mind being directed to them. Some song titles are Wildfire, Fade and Dream of Your Love. I was sent little snippets of the studio versions after buying Super VIP tickets for their show in early 2017 and I NEED them, especially Wildfire. They are bops. They've had a line-up change and moved to a different label since then and one of the members told me they're doing 100% new stuff so I fear these 2016/2017 sessions won't see the light of day
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