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  1. But now Neon has sold and leaked all her unreleased from her van so we don't need to beg anymore!
  2. Here's my greatest hits by Xtina. Since she didn't have many singles from her last albums i decided to add her successful collabs Say Something and Feel This Moment to show the gays that she still managed to kept her name out there during this decade. Of course though that if she would release a greatest hits now she would add Moves Like Jagger, but idk what track to remove to put it. Any ideas? 01 Genie In a Bottle 02 Lady Marmalade 03 Not Myself Tonight 04 Dirrty 05 Your Body 06 Fall In Line 07 Say Something 08 What a Girl Wants 09 Ain't No Ot
  3. Oh no these are such sad and unexpected news! I'm glad though that she's taking care of herself, i hope that she and her father will be okay soon
  4. As much as i constantly bully her to annoy her ugly fans i don't really think that she's a bolsonaro supporter. Last year i thought that but now i just think that she was dumb to not want to pick a side being afraid that she would scare her straight fanbase away. Anyways i kinda lost the interest i had over her, which is a shame since i was very excited for her international career!
  5. I'm lowkey excited for this even though last year i decided that i was over bolsonitta This "Onda Diferente" song is nice but i didn't expect her to go through this direction, i'm definitely intrigued about the final version. Sadly the Get to Know Me demo was taken down though.
  6. wtf i'm so shocked because i always thought the same and this is my fave song from that album
  7. Yes i love queen Melanie C! She's my second fave Spice Girl after Emma
  8. oh wow didn't expect to see another fan of the kings of pop here Sadly i only have WLTEY, TS and LOL in 128 kbps from when i downloaded them ages ago. Let me know if you need them in this quality. Here's We All Fall Down though (i also have the acoustic mix but only in 128 kbps too ) https://dbr.ee/PIol
  9. kinda late but thanks for everyone who voted for me, i'm glad y'all know that it takes a lot of intelligence to stan the queen of pop xtina Congrats to @Music XXclusives, @Ari and @Whoknowsmehere for the wins, i was rooting for y'all!
  10. Iconic album! Best song: Say OK Worst song: Rather Be with You (hard choice tho) Overall: 9/10 Next album: Demi Lovato - Confident
  11. Hey, welcome! I love Taylor! What are your other country faves? Do you like Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Cassadee Pope?
  12. Everytime someone mentions fake demos these two are the first things i can think of! I bopped a lot to both ages ago even though i know it wasn't Hilary and Britney on vocals
  13. I feel the same about the random nominees but anyways, here's my predictions: Record of the Year: "Shallow" – Lady Gaga Album of the Year: "Golden Hour" – Kacey Musgraves Song of the Year: "This Is America" - Childish Gambino Best New Artist: Dua Lipa - though i wouldn't be surprised if they chose H.E.R. or Jorja Smith Best Pop Solo Performance: "God Is a Woman" – Ariana Grande (mess at Joanne being nominated ) Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: "Shallow" – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (Fall In Line deserves ) Best Pop Vocal Album: Ariana Grande - S
  14. You're right, some of these songs are unlistenable but some of them are amazing too! My favorites of this list are definitely Womanizer and My Life Would Suck Without You, and Poker Face is a bop. Back then i hated Party In the USA and I Gotta Feeling but i guess they are kinda enjoyable now given to the nostalgy. Also i think Right Round is a lowkey bop I would've hated it without queen Kesha but anyway.
  15. Definitely the second option She probably thinks that she's relevant now after Meant to Be. Somebody better let her know that people like Carly Rae Jepsen and Iggy Azalea got much bigger hits than that one and are just as irrelevant now as they were before these songs
  16. I'm glad that there's still so many days left to vote because i went to fill the form and realised that i'll have to decide between some members in most categories
  17. Leak Impossible Princess and KM'94 outtakes by Kylie Minogue fattys
  18. Stan Liberation! I haven't checked the ASIB soundtrack but i really like all the albums in the top 4. I thought Phoenix was a bore at first listen but it grew on me so much! I'm really obsessed about "Summer Love" and hope that Rudimental will use it as a single this year. Caution is amazing too, a triumphal album! Giving Me Life is brilliant and i have chills when i hear it. Queen was also great, it's a shame that Nicki was such a hot mess last year though!
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