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  1. I never got interest on Big Time Rush unreleased (I like the released stuff) until this post appeared. There is a lot of interesting information and never expected other musicians to get what was originally for BTR. I also didn't expected Simon Curtis being originally intended to be in the group, as well as the group recording Miss Movin On. I'm definitely checking out their unreleased and also doing a throwback to the officially released stuff (along with the new singles).
  2. Ariana Grande I used to be a fan of her around 2018 to early 2020, then i just lost the interest on her and her music, and i don't really hear her music anymore, either old or new.
  3. Really want to know if she has an english demo of Belinda's Egoista, as she's credited as a composer for the english version. (if anything i'm expecting it to be her singing the english lyrics with either long instrumental parts or the original spanish Belinda and Pitbul vocals everytime their parts plays (pitbull rap and Belinda shouting "Egoista" in the chorus)
  4. I've been hearing a lot of "new" songs lately: gonna mention "24 Hours" by Sky Ferreira, "Resuscitate Me" by September and "Trophy" by Charli XCX as some of the songs that i currently have on repeat.
  5. Seems to be something new, i never heard it before and none of the lyrics match the unleaked titles. It seems that "One" is taken from the last line, which could mean Kerli probably has more than two "One" songs there. It gives me Weapons of Mass Creation vibes, so it's very likely it was a session for that album or at least a session from Utopia.
  6. Update on Last Breath: the Anjulie demo is registered on BMI with her, Jonas Jeberg and Busbee credited as songwriters. Kerli is nowhere on the credits. However, considering other repertoires also have the song registered with Kerli and Jeberg as writers, it's very likely that Anjulie originally wrote it for her album then it was passed to another singer (see below) and then it was given to Kerli, who reworked it for Utopia. Also, need to mention that Anjulie instrumental sound more close to the one used by Jasmine V. (Villegas) when she performed the song back to 2011, which also h
  7. Last Breath [Demo by Anjulie]: https://dbree.org/v/1fc44b
  8. i heard Clarissa had a new brand song co-written by hit songwriter Lolene Everett 😲
  9. This is the first time i was able to find the Save Myself (early) demo lol, it was one of the audios that for some reasons i never found before along with the second demo of Butterfly Cry and the demo of Fragile. I would like to ask from where is the "Thunderstorm Mix" of Saima? I was aware there was a demo of that track, but didn't knew a remix existed.
  10. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS LMAO Is this actually legit?, also wtf with those comments by the Guest people
  11. Why do i feel they actually meant Plastic by Myah Marie since they probably were talking about fake Britney Spears demos.
  12. Yeah... no. I didn't had any expectations on those teasers to be honest yet she still dissapointed me.
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