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  1. Hi

    Leak Fingerprints
  2. Dynasty

    i watched the whole Hart of Dixie even though it was a mess Guess i love Rachel Bilson too much I liked it after all, will definitely catch a few more episodes. Can you believe i never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl? But i trust them because of The OC
  3. Dynasty

    WB had such amazing shows! CW will never
  4. Dynasty

    The theme of the show is so interesting but CW is such a mess... I liked the first episode tho, it made me interested to see more.
  5. Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    Omg what a mess
  6. Currently Listening To..

    That's what i call TASTE!
  7. Decoding Fergie's 'A Little Work' Music Video

    Wow, amazing article! I had no idea of this story and the way you explained it definitely made me think that this video is so much better now.
  8. aloha !

    Welcome to PHF boo! I've seen you around and the fact that you stan Britney makes me love you already
  9. Hiya!

    Hey, welcome! Hope you have fun here
  10. Some Of My Covers

    That's such a cool story! haha. I liked that back cover tbh, but i think yours is better lol
  11. Some Of My Covers

    A dad who likes Shania? Wish i had one! I haven't seen anything besides the front cover, can't wait to buy mine to check it out
  12. Some Of My Covers

    Looks so official! Loved this
  13. My New Puppy!

    Tbh i only have one cat that is always with me, the others are homeless cats that i find at my neighborhood and take to my place so i can find a home for them. A few months ago i had 12 and my mom was going insane I don't remember exactly how long it took to my dog, but i think it was like about 3 months, definitely not as fast as i wanted it to be lol.
  14. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    I AM SCREAMING! What an iconic conversation. I'm definitely using these arguments now when someone don't want to give me a song.

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