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Bonnie McKee - Hot City (aka Epic Album)


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6 hours ago, zaynphallic said:

Genuinely curious how it takes months to edit a 3 minute music video?

She's editing it herself, and also from what she shared about her process, she's not the most optimal when editing.

She basically edits an entire music video for each set she shot and then she picks the best parts for the actual video.

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On 3/19/2024 at 9:47 PM, FallingStar said:

Apparently she is editing two music videos, one being Forever 21. So looks like some announcement might come soon!

aaand she apologized for the delay in the TikTok Comments + said she's working hard to finish the rollout! 

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Yay we're back in business! I'm not gonna lie I get for her that she has put her heart and soul into ressurecting the 2013 album and I LOVE that she's been pumping out videos for the three singles she's put out so far, but I also don't hope she really thinks her maximalist pop is gonna smash in 2024. Obviously she'll be #1 of the Popsicle Orange personal spotify playlist but she shouldn't be discouraged, her fans love what she's doing. 


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