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  1. Is Dbree down because of you Bonnie bopping bitches???
  2. No these are old, I got these last month
  3. I hit the sad button because of No. 2 on your spoiler
  4. I was wondering why this new character to the show had a -8 rating. Not popular with the other viewers?
  5. Two questions 1. Is that you in your pic? 2. Are your nudes in the thread? Just to stay on topic, I have no idea about eras but my top 3 songs are Restless, Hey Alligator and American Girl
  6. Hi! 'When I first joined PHF 4 days ago' - I assume you mean 4 years ago (?), I have only been here about 4 days myself but I'm taking a guess that you didn't make 29,671 posts in 4 days. So I am also going to assume you have made 29,671 posts here in however many years because this has been an important part of your life, the people you have connected with, sought advice from, offered advice to, waited excitedly for music, waited frustratingly for music etc. I don't know what has happened in the last few days (demanding abusive PMs I would guess) but letting other people drive you
  7. https://dbree.org/v/e41a93 Hit Me Up (Snippet 2) It's like being edged, but musically
  8. I think my tits are leaking, if that helps?
  9. I just discovered Neon Hitch 'Talk Talk' for the first time, so there's that.
  10. I literally just listened to this for the first time and it sounds exactly like her? No idea who the fool singing with her is but the file was also tagged 'earthquake' wherever I got it from
  11. Bitch please, she's a QUEEN. I have seen two shows in the UK but now I live in Brazil and wonder if I will ever see good live music again.
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