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  1. It´s an emotional ballad about a failed pop star wondering how they will pay for their accommodation as they struggle with self doubt about releasing a batch of songs that have been collecting dust on a hard drive. It was originally called The Hardest Drive but was changed to Rent when her landlord started legal proceedings.
  2. I slightly disagree because surely if you Заходи на новую площадку ОМГОМГ моментальные закладки мефедрон альфа купить москва спб саратов КАНАЛ В ТЕЛЕГРАМ then that will result in действенные сервера, видоизменённый для максимального удобства интерфейс, высочайший уровень безопасности. Новые магазины уже известных брендов?
  3. Hero! Thank you, wank you, if I saw you in the street I wouldn´t blank you
  4. Does anybody have a link to Don´t Talk Back, my computer just got back from the repair shop and the nasty rotten son of a bitch has wiped all my media
  5. I am working so can´t listen - are these genuine? Lipstick Revolution https://dbree.org/v/0626b2 Guilty Pleasure https://dbree.org/v/6b28a3
  6. I didn´t have time to listen properly as I am pretending to work at the moment but IGWIW had Bonnies vocals from what I heard? Do you know what song it is? Also was hoping Good Day was HQ as I don´t remember the previous one being good quality?
  7. I Get What I Want. https://dbree.org/v/53625e Good Day For Love https://dbree.org/v/25e22f Not uploaded by me, found on Dbree, suck my D
  8. Newtooz18

    Rita Ora

    That is actually a very good point! I had never thought about it that way before but I think you might be right!
  9. We are really looking for crumbs this morning... "is this Bonnie saying òoh´ at 2.34?" teas Someone please leak something, Jesus might ressurect himself once again if there were new leaks to incentivize him
  10. THIS IS NOT FOREVER 21 https://dbree.org/v/259a1a But is Bonnies vocals, what song is this?
  11. Glad it wasn't anything more serious, you know, like a Hit & Run.mp3 The song is a bop btw
  12. Thanks so much! Why were you in the ER? You are ok?
  13. I am so glad that I am too old for Tik Tok. The only Tik Tok I need in my life is Keshas´
  14. That is a link for a members personal collection that they shared, only that person will be able to share access to the drive.
  15. I think it was 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2020, 2021, 2022 (more dates tba)
  16. Well she had definitely killed my vibe this April.
  17. If there´s nothing by next summer, we should all collaborate on a Youtube doc* called "Breaking (Bad) Bonnie´s Hard Drive" where we discuss our favourite songs, what could´ve/should´ve been a massive hit and how we waited longer than my large penis based on empty promises and false hope. *Warning: This documentary contains words that some fans might find triggering such as "soon", "this summer" and "it´s coming".
  18. Some tramp has uploaded another fake as tits Forever 21 to Dbree. I WILL find them and I WILL kick them in the cunt.
  19. I haven´t listened as I am working but is this legit? Bonnie McKee - Gravedigga https://dbree.org/v/81624f
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