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  1. Feral Heart

    What's your worst hook up experience???

    my condolences
  2. Feral Heart

    New (Old) Lady Gaga Snippets

    who the fuck would pay $7,000 for some old lady gaga songs that weren't good enough to make an album.......
  3. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Unreleased

    i'm sure i have another one than the one that's posted, but i can't find it
  4. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Unreleased

    that song is love ain't clean? i've had that snippet and another one or two for forever no thanks it sounds very old you can hear it in her voice, sounds like 2007-2009
  5. Feral Heart

    Kerli | TBA (2017)

    i just want her to tell us if the album will come this year she doesn't even need to give us a month i know nobody's holding a gun to my head telling me to check on her but i want to know if i can relax for awhile
  6. Feral Heart

    Kerli | TBA (2017)

    i just hate when a fan asks what's going on with the album and she responds like "chiiiiill, it's coming"... yeah she offered refunds and send out that EP which was really nice but it's not like we're worried for nothing, first it was coming fall 2014, then fall 2015, then 2016, then 2017, and now it looks like she's just rebooting the entire era and we have no reason to believe that THIS shot will deliver...
  7. Feral Heart

    Kerli | TBA (2017)

    pls change title to Kerli | Untitled Album (Shelved)
  8. Feral Heart

    Kesha - Emotional (Single)

    i can see why its a bonus track but its beautiful its just a little unfinished
  9. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Utopia (Full Studio Album DL)

    the vocals are edited pretty badly tbh kerli would never but at the same time it sounds JUST LIKE KERLI
  10. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Utopia (Full Studio Album DL)

    i'm just gonna put it up here idc i'm 99% sure it's fake i just want the public's opinion p.s. the person who sent it to me randomly left me on read so i'm pretty sure they were a scammer even if they really did have the whole real song I Was Made for Loving You Snippet.mp3
  11. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Utopia (Full Studio Album DL)

    someone sent me a tiny snippet of the end of the song & you can barely hear kerli whisper "i was made for lovin you" idk if it's even real but i'm so thirsty i always thought it would be an upbeat guitar-driven pop track but i'm pretty sure it's actually another ballad i always thought love me or leave me & chemical weren't enough no wonder
  12. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Utopia (Full Studio Album DL)

    but does anyone have "(i was) made for loving you"
  13. Feral Heart

    Kesha - Learn To Let Go

    can somebody please rip it off spotify i can't with these LQ vocals
  14. Feral Heart

    Kerli - Unreleased

    kerli isn't listed as a writer either so i highly doubt it's hers

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