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  1. i'm sure i have another one than the one that's posted, but i can't find it
  2. that song is love ain't clean? i've had that snippet and another one or two for forever no thanks it sounds very old you can hear it in her voice, sounds like 2007-2009
  3. kerli isn't listed as a writer either so i highly doubt it's hers
  4. little moon is a cover, i'm 99% sure there's no recorded version and... are you sure the good sis kerli wrote a song called "hottie hottie girls"
  5. i don't have a problem with it but as unfair as it may be, she needs to work her ass off and give it 200% because she has a lot of negative bias working against her
  6. i wish you had really gone there instead of changing the melody to make the notes easier to reach, but you have a nice tone & there's potential, maybe work on developing your head voice & if you have to you can pitch songs down a couple semitones
  7. she killed off the previously popular katy perry "character" in favor of a more politically oriented persona, but the political meaning is lost in translation & the music isn't quality enough to make up for where the lyrics fall flat she's lost everything the public used to like about her, and the new image she's pandering just isn't as likeable
  8. i've been thinking and honestly it's good she lost didn't win eesti laul, sure she didn't get as much promotion as she would have but if she went to eurovision she would've gotten a lot of hate tbh
  9. this is what bothers me the most, after feral hearts was delayed she made such a big deal about how "once this train gets going, it can't be stopped," well... it's been almost a year since the last album single. it looks like the train has stopped she should be doing SOMETHING where's her manager
  10. Happy birthday to my gorgeous boo! <3 I love you so much and it's always a fun time talking shit about our faves with each other. I hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it my love!

  11. Happy birthday henny! May Kerli finally release Speed Limit as the worldwide #1 she deserves in your honor!

  12. your unheard of video should be about kerli because she's unheard of
  13. Happy Birthday, cutie!

    May all of your dreams come true, Kerli release her album finally, the odds be ever in your favor, and Kerli release her album finally!

    I love you to the moon, baby! <3 You are one of my favorite members here <3 



    1. Feral Heart

      Feral Heart

      thank you so much <3<3<3 love u too

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