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  1. I just want her to be happy. I will always support her.
  2. Your Mental Age is: 34 (8 years older)
  3. Obsessed


    Back In 2012 I asked her to leak "The Way We Were Together" full and she said she would leak it someday as a gift.. Still waiting. We can't complain cause we have lots of stuff tho...
  4. I just voted for her and I hope y'all do the same!!!
  5. Only by the teenage pop stans, Emotion deserved more hype. 😭
  6. by the way I think Blackout is very overrated, I don't get the hype, Circus is way better imo... Original Doll demos > Blackout
  7. Gaga: The Fame Monster > Chromatica > ARTPOP > BTW > The Fame > Joanne > A Star Is Born > Cheek 2 Cheek Carly Rae Jepsen: Dedicated > EMOTION > Dedicated Side B > EMOTION Side B > Kiss > Curiosity (EP) Charli XCX: Charli > True Romance > How I'm Feeling Now > Pop 2 > Number 1 Angel > Vroom Vroom (EP) >>>>>>> Sucker 🤢 Marina: Electra Heart > The Family Jewels > Froot > Love&Fear Xtina: Bionic > Stripped > CA > Lotus > Back 2 Basics > Liberation > Mi Reflejo > My Kind Of
  8. Still waiting "The Way We Were Together" to leak.. The snippets are amazing and I love Kana's version.
  9. "don't make a 18 old cry" ICONIC
  10. Yeah, just like that, just being out of my 'comfort zone' makes me anxious It really sucks. But as long as we are strong to deal with them...
  11. I deal with panic attacks since I was 13 years old, I've been taking some pills about almost 10 years from now (diazepam for panic attacks and cipralex for depression), there was a time I couldn't even leave my house because of the fear of having a panic attack and that caused me serious depression, I was medicated to depression too but I finally stopped this year, I'm also trying to stay out of the panic attack medication, I just take one pill in sos thing is: it's all in your mind, of course the pills will help you, but if you can control it it's even better, it was hard for me for bein
  12. Skye Sweetnam - Remember Me?
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