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  1. BlackoutZone

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    There is also this unreleased collab between Bebe and Ian Spurrier
  2. BlackoutZone

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    The rest is fine, you can add that Monster Under My Bed is a demo for Eminem and Starlight is a demo of this There are also snippets of Bebe's studio cover of One Way Or Another from 2015
  3. BlackoutZone

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    These 2 are from AYF and RIB features Sam James
  4. BlackoutZone

    Currently Listening To..

    Tell ha! This bops too
  5. BlackoutZone

    Dua's Want To Official doesn't have Bridge???

    But the final version has a bridge what are you talking about Only the leaked demo didn't have a bridge https://genius.com/Dua-lipa-want-to-lyrics Gimme release Keep the drugs Gimme relief Keep the love, just gimme a piece of that One piece of that Give it to me Don’t judge, just give it to me No heart, no second degree tonight Run free tonight And the bridge from the live version was written by Andrew Jackson before Dua even recorded the track and it was so horrible she scrapped it from the very beginning and never recorded it (rightfully), the final one is so much better
  6. BlackoutZone

    Some Of My Covers

    Ive been waiting for this edit my whole life, cannot stand the original, Thank You
  7. BlackoutZone

    LOOΠΔ thread

    Oh wow GRIMES? THAT GRIMES? I guess I will use LOONA that one time ever
  8. BlackoutZone


    That's some damn good research! Good luck with the project, you should share it on some other forums maybe
  9. BlackoutZone

    Vacation time.

    Yasss! Have a great time and come back soon!
  10. BlackoutZone

    Charli XCX Uses The Word "Nigger" On Stage

    She clearly says "right now", I can't even imagine hearing n-word
  11. BlackoutZone

    finally happening

    SHE FUCKING DID THAT I CAN'T Also created untagged cover
  12. BlackoutZone


    Hello there Have fun and be nice, with 50 posts (I think?) you will access the trading thread in the request section
  13. BlackoutZone

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    Yes it did Oops got certified diamond before 25, a classic too

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