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  1. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Out 25/03 Worldwide. An fresh album, without heavy EDM influence. Similar to TFM, BTW, Blackout and The Altar. A mix with the unique Gaga's pop and the generic pop as 2016 songs. Genres: Pop, Dance & Rock Tracklisting 01. Temple 02. ARTPOP 03. Venus 04. Sexxx Dreams 05. G.U.Y. 06. Maren 07. Onion Gurl 08. TEA 09. Private in Public 10. Apollo 11. Kick It 12. Brooklyn Nights 13. Gypsy 14. New York 15. Element of Crime* 16. Princess Die* 17. Tinnitus* 18. Sire* 19. Dance on Throne*** Deluxe Edition ** Japan Edition Singles 01. Venus 02. ARTPOP 03. G.U.Y. 04. TEA 05. Dance on Throne
  2. i'm not sure but i believe that ARTPOP have a scrapped version
  3. I made this a years ago but i had never finished until today! What do you think? HERE
  4. Lady Gaga - Unreleased Lana Del Rey - Unreleased
  5. Share your theories about the Electra's story My theory: PART 1: ♡ "BEAUTY QUEEN" ♡ Here, we see a young Electra. She was a troubled girl (with depression, i guess). She grow up seeing movies with hollywood stars, beauty queens, hot blondes that she decided to be one of them. She adored these thing so much that she became one of them. SONGS: 1 - Bubblegum Bitch 2 - Primadonna 3 - Radioactive I put radioactive 'cuz, in my point, she is a young girl looking for trouble, the guy only call she at night to get out and have fun, she is falling in love but she didn't want to 'cuz she learn in the movies that beauty queens doesnt fall in love. PART 2: ♡ "HOUSEWIFE" ♡ Electra, now, is married. She is in love but the guy doesn't love her no more. She don't sing about when he love her cuz hurts a lot. But she know that he is lying about the love. She knows that something is wrong with the relationship but with her too. She always want more because she "learn" that the life after marriage is perfect but it's not. In Sex Yeah, she decided to leave all the movies behind. But her heart is broken. In Power & Control is her transition from the housewife to homewrecker. SONGS: 4 - Lies 5 - Starring Role 6 - The State Of Dreaming 7 - Hypocrates 8 - Buy the Stars 9 - Sex Yeah 10 - Power & Control PART 3 ♡ "HOMEWRECKER" ♡ Electra is hurt and with her heartbroken. She didn't believe in love anymore. She decide to have fun and break hearts too. 11 - Homewrecker 12 - E.V.O.L 13 - How to Be a Heartbreaker PART 4 ♡ "IDLE TEEN | THE END" ♡ Electra have fun but she isn't happy, she was missing something and when she discover what she is missing she know that she wasn't living for herself. She was living for the archetypes. She was living dead. She felt like a tennager, without any experiences to share. She knows that the problems isn't new, they started because her troubled adolescence. Her problems with her parents, friends and self esteem 14 - Lonely Hearts Club 15 - Living Dead 16 - Teen Idle 17 - Valley of the Dolls 18 - Fear and Loathing In the end, Electra kills herself. She was just a depressive girl with a broken heart. In the end of Fear and Loathing have Diamandis's grandmother singing an old Greek folk song and for me is kinda of Electra coming in to paradise(???). I believe that the beats describe her thoughts. The animated songs is when she is happy or nervous and the slow songs is when she is sad (BUT DEPEND OF THE LYRICS OF THE SONG).

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