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  1. Message me.

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    2. Hunter


      A song from 2013

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    3. Speedy



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    4. Speedy



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  2. Check your email please! 

  3. Message me you cow xoxo. I have unreleased NB. 

  4. Hey you ..do you have white mercides in full HQ ?

  5. Pm me

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    2. Speedy
    3. Dasher


      Just sent an email 

    4. Sunshine


      Hey, i would like to trade with you, what is your email please ?
      Ok, i found it, i will send you an email since i can't send you messages here.

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  6. latly my life fucking changed ..i'm back bitches..

  7. Daddy  our queen has a new song coming up ...


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    2. Dasher


      @Speedy do you have something else we can chat on 

    3. Speedy



    4. Dasher


      Sent you a email 

  8. Speedy

    Diana Gordon - Pure EP

    Any download link ?
  9. Empty your DMs pls! 🙏

  10. Speedy

    Shania Twain Is Cancelled

    I should have leaked her album 3monthx in advance
  11. Speedy

    2 years later... Hey!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iconic
  12. every time i see someone comtting suicide my heart breaks cause suicide is one of the first things that come to my mind when i wake up
  13. Speedy

    Here I am!

    i'm surprised you did not mentioned worlds like ''Trade'' ''unreleased'' ''unleaked'' ''Rare songs " ''share with me'' U r not into lana ? welcome sis Pophatesflops is the best place to make friends and enemies and disc music i hope u will stay
  14. Speedy


    Oh well tbh i know but i cant fix it
  15. Speedy

    Mythology, Astrology etc.

    i'm taken ..He wishes

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