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  1. Your new profile picture... :stretcher: My fantasy tbh!

    1. Speedy


      me too but i never had it :yeah:

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Me neither... :cackle: This pussy remains too tight. But when I meet Shawn Mendes and Zac Efron we'll get it set up. <3<3<3 

    3. Speedy


      for zaac maybe  but Shawn Hell no


  2. the poor sis lana i feel bad for her i agree with everything she is saying but should not have mentioned the girls and unfollowing stans this is crazy
  3. 2 minutes of it is out there is LQ cause she played it on instaa live ..we wont expect a leak anytime soon unless she releases it
  4. few days ago madison beer confirmed that blue is on her album that is coming this year
  5. All i'm doing is im home all day my mom does not allow me to go out even tho i'm 27 she does not allow me to go to see my boyfriend( she thinks he is my Best friend) but anywyas no work no anything i'm enjoying life tbh all i need is my baby right by my side
  6. Not me being here almost 5 years :yeah:

  7. this is the worst song i have ever heard
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