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  1. hi!

    Oh well tbh i know but i cant fix it
  2. Mythology, Astrology etc.

    i'm taken ..He wishes
  3. The Five Best Albums of 2017

    rainbow is one of the most boring albums i heve ever heard..girls whats wrong with you the songs are so messy her vocals were tragic i love all her previous record but she losts me with this one ..even johanana was not that bad
  4. The 17 Best Singles of 2017

    Omg i'm so happy to be part of this i can't beleive i did that My English is shokthen Amazing article
  5. Fefe Dobson

    wait is that you ? we dont remmeber you mom
  6. Has It Leaked?

    you are not safe sis he will get you i trouble Denis-B-i is coming to you
  7. Great internet station

    Ask them to play me new unleaked sia/lana or this shit wont last here on pophatesflops
  8. Lana Del Rey - 13 Beaches (Remix)

    You did that the drums thank you
  9. Katy Perry plagiarized polish singer?

    the polish song is Much better its fucking bop let me download it
  10. Great internet station

  11. What is your favourite song from "Witness"?

    what ? i'm keeping you in my prayers ...
  12. What is your favourite song from "Witness"?

    You can listen to lana insted tho
  13. What is your favourite song from "Witness"?

    Miss you more
  14. Albums coming in 2018

    the Album is perfect

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