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  1. mceyedol

    Latest leaks

    Thanks for this. Not all of it has leaked. Walk Of Shame in full remains unreleased. x
  2. mceyedol

    Latest leaks

  3. mceyedol

    Ciara – Level Up

    Ciara girl what is this crap? Oh dear
  4. mceyedol

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    Late to the party on this..... but OMG! Serving looks. This video is stunningly beautiful. So very different, and I'm loving this track so much!
  5. mceyedol

    Latest leaks

    Thanks for this. Love this! Can't wait for the studio version. xx
  6. mceyedol

    Nicola Roberts - What About Us (Live Cover)

    My thoughts exactly and her voice sounds stunning. I thought she had one of the weakest voices in the band but this literally slayed.
  7. Nicola Roberts & Nitin Sawhney - What About Us (Live from Maddison Square Garden) Beautiful rendition of the Pink track. She did amazing. http://picosong.com/wcrXJ MC x
  8. mceyedol

    Nicki Minaj - Bed (ft. Ariana Grande)

    Just listened... really like the late night sexy vibe of the track. Good job!
  9. mceyedol

    Nicki Minaj - Bed (ft. Ariana Grande)

    I wasn't criticising, it was an observation that they label must of turned face with the artwork direction. I appreciated your post (hence why I liked it)
  10. mceyedol

    Dagny - Used to You

    Thanks for posting. Really like this I'm a sucker for a female voice and synths.
  11. mceyedol

    Nicki Minaj - Bed (ft. Ariana Grande)

    The bubbles in the jacuzzi have all be photoshopped on. Their hair isn't wet lol obviously they thought the lesbian/tatu direction wasn't the right way to go haha
  12. mceyedol

    Nicki Minaj - Bed (ft. Ariana Grande)

    Bad planning there and totally agree... if they're both mid tempo jams you could easily get them confused with one another.
  13. mceyedol

    Troye Sivan - Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande)

    I wasn't expecting a lot, as his output is hit of miss. He either releases incredible bops or goes all meh! Actually really liking this.
  14. mceyedol

    Latest leaks

    I agree the demo is exactly like the version Rihanna released. No interpretation as an artist thought about, just sang and left to have another joint.
  15. Not fair! Bought tickets to see Mariah in Blackpool and now she announces 3 dates for xmas in the UK. Ahhhhhhh! Cruel world!

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    2. mceyedol


      I saw the Christmas concert last year in London. That's when I did Meet & Greet ;)


    3. Countess


      @mceyedol I remember that! The Skinny Chanteuse looks amazing. :hail: I'm sure she'd be worth seeing again!

    4. Tweener


      Screw it! See her thrice!

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