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  1. I’m surprised no ones posted Steps - What The Future Holds yet.
  2. I missed that one. I would be happy to hear it though.
  3. Yeah, it’s about time a couple of Mollie King tracks leaked. It feels overdue haha feel free anyone.
  4. I think Nicola has said before that the track was almost done before they were aware that Beyonce was about to release Run The World. So I think they had to re work it.
  5. It’s in the Girls Aloud masterpost.
  6. it’s also been on YouTube for a while but no one seemed to have it.
  7. Sleep With Open Eyes in full thank you to Electric Light on PHF Discords. https://dbree.org/v/25eb84 I'm not convinced it's Nicola, but I'll take it
  8. It would be brilliant if someone that downloaded them at the time can share.
  9. Nicola Poison You Can't Forget Me (Snippet) Pray (Snippet) Sleep With Open Eyes (Snippet) https://dbree.org/v/407893 The snippets have been around for ages.
  10. Thank you. I’ve got snippets of Sleep With Open Eyes, Pray, You Can’t Forget Me on my computer. I’ve also got a Nicola track called Poison. It’s not great but happy to share when I’m back on my computer.
  11. One thing I do want to say aswel. I’ve sometimes not immediately shared stuff that I have If I no I can share and trade to get more tracks. As people that have them seem to want to trade or take money. So if I immediately share everything I don’t get to collect more, it can then cost 💷.
  12. These are the Nicola tracks. People on this forum have said they’ve got them and a tonne more. I know some of these have had snippets leak and some have part Nicola vocals on. Pray You Can’t Forget Me UFO Getaway Night Time Pretty Girls Get Away With Murder Slave To The Strife Sleep With Open Eyes
  13. I’ve shared everything I’ve ever had. I’ve been asked not to share 3 songs that I currently have for the time being for reasons I won’t go into at this point. I shared GA15 and GA17 which Girls Aloud, Nadine, Cheryl and Nicola songs. I get what you’re saying but I have to respect a condition of having those 3 tracks. I feel like sometimes I’ve been happy to share while others hold back for years. I know some people will think this is hypocritical but as I said, I usually share everything I have. People / fans of GA are very quick to forget what I’ve actually shared.
  14. There's a lot of Nicola tracks out there but no ones seems willing to share

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