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  1. Three More Days by Sugababes 1.0/MKS
  2. Mollie King - Hair Down (Instrumental)
  3. Jakerrs


    The MK / A*M*E track 'My Love 4 U' is out on Friday
  4. Jakerrs


    Was there any promo for Need U (100%), thought that would have help her get her name out there to show her solo music. Hoping this'll be the case this time round.
  5. Jakerrs


    Perhaps, once she's got her name out there again with these collaborations, she'll be on form to release some solo music. We can live in hope... right?!
  6. Jakerrs


    At the moment, mine is just in alphabetical order. Don't even think they are grouped by "albums/samplers". Discogs can help if you want them grouped that way.
  7. Jakerrs


    Her feature on MK's track will deliver. She is going to cooooome through
  8. Jakerrs


    I know. I did think her feature on Need U (100%) would open the door for her. I reckon these features will help, especially the Marc Kinchen one. The track he did with Becky Hill became such a success!!!
  9. Jakerrs


    After remaining pretty quiet with the music, A*M*E is featuring on two upcoming tracks. One of which has recently been released - Be There by Generik and can be found here: https://m.soundcloud.com/generik_dj/be-there-feat-ame She will also feature on a track by MK titled 'My Love 4 U' which is coming soon. I reckon it's going to be HUGE.
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