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  1. theres no reason not to like me you fucking idiot u don't even know me
  2. Shut the fuck up you inbred twat your such a awful person to people you shouldn't have the right to be a adminstrator
  3. What ? What gives you that impression were not check the ips !!!
  4. Jesus christ bunch of morons ! Thank you @Joan for defending me !
  5. This was 3 years ago !! Time to take it down
  6. thanks for posting this i love it !
  7. Erm u was offering also why is my ip on there
  8. i use a app called files it has unlimited storage but you have to pay for the unlimited storage its not much though
  9. so peed that good thing wasn't a single.... people in the uk didn't even know that she had a album out 2 years ago ! its crazy
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