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  1. Hyuksbf

    Some Of My Covers

    quick question did you get the "plastic" texture in the corner from charli's after the afterparty vip mix cover? or did you make it yourself?
  2. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    i thought i'd make a little something to use for that littlemonsteralejandro's Up & Down remake. Also i am so in love with Choker by miss Kim Petras so i made this
  3. Hyuksbf

    Charli XCX - Focus / No Angel

    the energy both these songs have charli her mind
  4. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    thank you! honestly the official one was so tragic i just couldn't not make one
  5. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Hello i'm fairly new here and in light of coverlandia being down for quite some time now I've decided to start posting my stuff on here, to actually start using this site lmao anygays here's just some of my most recent stuff
  6. Hyuksbf

    Some Of My Covers

    i honestly thought about this same shoot when listening to the song so i looove this
  7. Hyuksbf

    Zach's Cover Art

    This is literally sooo stunning
  8. Hyuksbf

    Spice Girls

    Spice Up Your Life/Holler Naked Walk of Life/Outer Space Girls
  9. Well when you watch it on mobile on full screen it is mobile plus it fits the theme since it's basically like a 'selfie' video
  10. Hyuksbf

    Post Your Cover Art's!

    Inspired by the recent XCX leaks i decided to make some covers so far i have these 2. i really wish there was more photos from this set cuz i feel like it really goes with the sound of the xcx3 leaks Edit: Just whipped out another cover this time from the Number 1 Angel mixtape
  11. Hyuksbf

    Zach's Cover Art

    the coloring you did on the bad liar and fetish artwork are amazing omg i kinda would love to see them with the titles
  12. Hyuksbf

    Latest leaks

    finally god i've been waiting for this to leak since sis decided not to put it out
  13. Hyuksbf

    Sucker (Demos) - Charli XCX

    can someone reupload these
  14. Finally a verison that's listenable

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