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  1. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    I got a request from a user on IG for this using this specific image and this is what i came up with. I was kinda going for a mix of the design used for visions and also the texture We Deserve Power GRIMES - PRETTY DARK (DEMO)
  2. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    As soon as i saw that picture i was like i'm making a cover with this. Honestly i wish more of the photo-shoot was out but you make do with what you have
  3. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    I've been working on this for a while and had the backing pretty much done and i was happy with it but not the cover. I opened it up the cover and figured out how to make it work! POPPY - AM I A GIRL?
  4. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Thank you!! i think i still need like 3 more kim ones lol Thanks love
  5. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    So i've been obsessed with this song low-key and i was in the creative~ mood so i decided to create a little single cover for this song Lauv & Troye Sivan - I'm so sick
  6. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    So i've been meaning to make something for the Roll With me/Burn Rubber mix someone had made and here was the end result! Charli XCX - Exchange Studio Versions
  7. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    In honor of Vroom Vroom's recent 3rd birthday i decided to make another cover for the amazing ep. (also i'm so happy at how my transparent sticker came out!! the sticker on my 7 rings cover is shaking!!) CHARLI XCX - VROOM VROOM - EP
  8. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    finally kim blessed us with this sophie produced BOP also once i finish the rest of the neon era singles i'm probably gonna make something with all of them together Kim Petras 1,2,3 Dayz Up (Feat. Sophie)
  9. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    ugh Kim never dissapoints i am OBSESSED with this song Kim Petras - IF U Think About Me...
  10. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Chung Ha - Gotta Go You don't understand i am OBSESSED with this song. Chung Ha delivered as per usual, but the power she gives in this song far too much.
  11. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Thank you!! The page rips i thing i got off of devian art or somewhere on google LOL and i actually bought the a pack for the wrapping texture on creativemarket.
  12. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Ariana Grande - 7 Rings Honestly needed something to cover the mess that is the actual cover
  13. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Tove Lo - Blue Lips
  14. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Yes! i have a cover for every song on Collxtion 2 if you go on my flickr page! TINASHE SUPERLOVE (DANNY L HARLE REMIX)
  15. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Aly & Aj - Ten Years (Deluxe)

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