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  1. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    and i'm back with another charli cover this time the unreleased bop - sweetest drug
  2. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    I'm a little late on really listening to Daddy Knows but now i'm totally in love with it. I haven't seen anyone make a cover for it so i decided to make a simple one since i needed something for it badly. Also with the leaks of some of charli's stems someone went ahead and made an edit of Roll With Me as it's played during charli's POP2 shows and i couldn't leave it coverless
  3. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Kim Petras - All The Time (CAN WE SAY A BOP!!!) originally i wanted to keep it in line with my choker cover, kinda like how she's doing with the actual single covers, but then i was like i've done this like three times already lmaoo although i just might make another Faded one in this style with the actual color to keep the theme idk we'll see lmao. so i decided to make this alternate version also ctfuuu at me doing these in class and not paying attention to what we were gonna do in the class
  4. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    I actually really like Brooke X Liz's With You that leaked recently so i decided to make a cover for it so it doesn't look ugly and uncovered on my itunes
  5. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Since the only covers for Sophie X Brooke Candy's Oh Yeah just aren't it i decided to make one
  6. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    I've been wanting to make a cover for Not So Bad In LA since i saw this picture. Hope you guys like! also should i've been meaning to post the set of covers i made for all of Collxtion II should i post them?
  7. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    thank you! Also this isn't really a cover but i wanted to make a little instagram story promo ad for Girls Night Out Hq: http://dbr.ee/QNv9
  8. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    So i decided to rework the Charli XCX Girl's Night Out cover with it being speculated that it's gonna be the next monthly single and also i've been wanting to make something with the N1A outtakes This was the original i had done first
  9. Hyuksbf

    Some Of My Covers

    quick question did you get the "plastic" texture in the corner from charli's after the afterparty vip mix cover? or did you make it yourself?
  10. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    i thought i'd make a little something to use for that littlemonsteralejandro's Up & Down remake. Also i am so in love with Choker by miss Kim Petras so i made this
  11. Hyuksbf

    Charli XCX - Focus / No Angel

    the energy both these songs have charli her mind
  12. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    thank you! honestly the official one was so tragic i just couldn't not make one
  13. Hyuksbf

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    Hello i'm fairly new here and in light of coverlandia being down for quite some time now I've decided to start posting my stuff on here, to actually start using this site lmao anygays here's just some of my most recent stuff
  14. Hyuksbf

    Some Of My Covers

    i honestly thought about this same shoot when listening to the song so i looove this
  15. Hyuksbf

    Zach's Cover Art

    This is literally sooo stunning

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