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12 hours ago, Heartbreak Anthem said:


Deluxe of What Will the Neighbours Say? for the 20th anniversary release coming March 8 in a three-disc format.

Disc 1

  1. The Show
  2. Love Machine
  3. I'll Stand by You
  4. Jump
  5. Wake Me Up
  6. Deadlines & Diets
  7. Big Brother
  8. Hear Me Out
  9. Graffiti My Soul
  10. Real Life
  11. Here We Go
  12. Thank Me Daddy
  13. I Say a Prayer for You
  14. 100 Different Ways

Disc 2

  1. Wicked Game
  2. Disco Bunny
  3. Baby When You Go
  4. I'll Stand by You (electronic mix)
  5. Wake Me Up (alternative lyrics version)
  6. Hanging on the Telephone
  7. Androgynous Girls
  8. Loving Is Easy
  9. History
  10. I'm Every Woman
  11. Love Machine (demo version)
  12. Deadlines & Diets (version 2)
  13. Love Machine (CD:UK edit)
  14. The Show (Popworld edit)
  15. I'll Stand by You (TV edit)
  16. Wake Me Up (Off the Record edit)

Disc 3

  1. Love Machine (Tony Lamezma's club mix / radio edit)
  2. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's "Love Affair" / radioedit)
  3. The Show (Flip & Fill remix)
  4. I'll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma's club romp / radio edit)
  5. Love Machine (Gravitas disco mix / radio edit)
  6. Wake Me Up (Flip & Fill remix)
  7. The Show (Bang Bang Klub vocal mix)
  8. I'll Stand by You (Gravitas Vocal dub mix / edit)
  9. The Show (Tony Lamezma club mix)
  10. Wake Me Up (Gravitas club mix)
  11. Love Machine (Tony Lamezma's full length club mix)
  12. The Show (Bang Bang Klub alternative mix)
  13. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's "Love Affair")
  14. I'll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma's club romp)
  15. The Show (Gravitas vlub mix)
  16. Love Machine (Gravitas "Disco" mix)

The Tony Lamezma's club mix / radio edit of "Love Machine" will be made available at midnight local time.

The first five tracks on disc 2 sound really interesting, especially Wicked Game which I've been waiting for for ages! So happy they're still giving the fans something new to listen to!

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16 hours ago, Heartbreak Anthem said:


Graphic team behind the O.G. album revealed alternate album covers that were submitted to the label.

Love that type of behind-the-scenes/production archival stuff! 

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