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Nadine Coyle | “If I Lay Here (Chasing Cars)” | July 20th 2023 | + General Discussion Thread

Deadly Nightshade

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As GA continue failing to reach a consensus as to how best to navigate their future as a unit (if at all) after the sad death of Sarah Harding, Nadine continues with her part time attempts to have and maintain a sustainable solo career. Right from the start, before any other member of GA went solo - I always felt Nadine was the one to watch.

I believe a combination of her own past behaviour, bad decision making and various other factors indirectly led to (and culminated in) her missing opportunities to fully step into the spotlight and truly shine in her own right.  I am therefore creating this ‘catch all’ Nadine thread to coincide with the release of her cover of “If I Lay Here (Chasing Cars)” originally by Snow Patrol.

I didn’t want to create a thread that crashes and burns at the end of what nowadays are very short campaign cycles - for individual single releases (that very often don’t typically end up doing much on Spotify anyway).

Every good gay and internationally aware pop fan loves a train wreck pop girl and whilst Nadine is unlikely to ever hit the highs or experience the lows of Lindsay Lohan, her ongoing and long running solo saga still ranks up there to netizens as one of the most prolific and long running.

This thread stands not only in testament to Nadine’s place as one of the best voices in pop (in celebration of her vocal prowess), but also to document over time her sporadic (and semi frequent) patchwork attempts to realise her long cherished childhood dream of becoming a main pop girl and on-going commercial concern (at least to a domestic audience) in her own right.

CURRENT SINGLE: “If I Lay Here (Chasing Cars)”:

What do you think of the song (and sonic approach) that Nadine has adopted as her best chance of breakthrough success on this current occasion?

Select Past Videos/ Singles:

“Fool For Love”:

”Go To Work”:


“Sweetest High”:

“I Could Be” (Duet with Shane Filan of Westlife):

Nadine on Spotify:

General Nadine Links:






“If I Lay Here (Chasing Cars)” on other platforms

Nadine Interview:

Other Links:

Legendary/ Infamous Twitter Parody account

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  • Deadly Nightshade changed the title to Nadine Coyle | “If I Lay Here (Chasing Cars)” | July 20th 2023 | + General Discussion Thread

Her debut was alright... but she made it a damn Tesco exclusive, which was such a choice. Every poised her for this major label debut, and she provided... Tesco exclusive. And then she tried with Nadine 2.0, and it was laughably bad. And now she's going for that generic INNA/Cascada-type sound, and it's so off-putting to me. And the new song is bad, too. I'm not sold on this. Give me another Nicola solo album and a Cheryl comeback, instead.

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I have to agree this new song is not good. It seems like she's going for the trend of just rerecording old songs to be shoved onto gym playlists, but has skimped on the producer and a good mic and now it just sounds cheap :yeah:

I like Nadine but I'm not sure she's ever going to have a successful solo era. She doesn't seem that interested in writing and I'm not sure she knows how to express her personal outlook on the world in the way Nicola, Sarah and Cheryl do. Maybe she could try hosting?

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