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Found 5 results

  1. I'm going to wait until one of the other girls confirms this because I wouldn't put it past Nadine to share this story just for some headlines But I think a one night only reunion would be the most tasteful way for them to reunite at this point. I just wish Sarah was still around to do a tour with all five of them
  2. Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has passed away, according to an Instagram post from her mum. Very sad to hear this...I hoped she would get better. I'm really sad we'll never see all five of them on the same stage again. Rest In Peace Sarah.
  3. Really sad to see Sarah's illness has gotten worse. I'm keeping her in my thoughts and hoping for a miracle recovery...We need her to hold out and stay strong! A GA reunion would never be the same without her!
  4. In the wake of the news, Sarah's Girls Aloud bandmates have posted messages of support on social media - Cheryl only did so after following Sarah and Nadine. I was wondering why she'd been so quiet for so many yeas on social media, but now it makes sense why she's been MIA for a lot of this year... I'm keeping Sarah in my thoughts and prayers. Girls Aloud could never be the same without her. Please stay strong Sarah so you can get back on the road for the 20th anniversary!
  5. I cannot tell you guys how excited I am for this mess... I love watching this show even when it's complete nobodies (or worse, Frankie Grande) in the house but this time there's people I actually know in there! Brandi is bound to be good for some drama, poor Sarah will hopefully revive some of her career, and Amelia's career will just be going further and further downhill and I can't wait to see it. But most of all I'm excited about my baby Trisha Paytas! I feel like such a proud mum watching her grow on YouTube and now taking over the reality TV world. If we don't get at least one ment
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