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  1. Christina Aguilera Loyal Brave True | Reflection | Pa Mis Muchachas
  2. Amazing job! You've improved a lot! Keep up the GREAT work!
  3. Thank you for your kind words, and do hope to see you around PHF in the future!
  4. From what I've felt and seen, I do think Lashana Lynch would be an excellent successor for Daniel Craig. I feel like TPTB try too hard to find the next Sean Connery or Roger Moore, and they should really look outside of the box, and Lynch is perfect. Plus, I feel like Craig's Bond is going to be the first to die. Don't ask me why.
  5. I don't consider this album robbed. Granted, the singles rollout from "Break My Heart" to "Levitating" was jarring... but she and her team really did pull out a major era during the pandemic. I don't consider that robbed. As for the tour... most of the dates sold out already. I'm still considering possibly buying some tickets... but am unsure about going to a venue during COVID, even in 2022.
  6. Janet Jackson announced that she will release a new album in 2022, and that a new single will arrive by the end of this year via her label, Rhythm Nation Records. Jackson offered no additional details about the forthcoming single, although she did reveal production credits for the album, which will be her first since 2015’s Unbreakable. The album will find her reuniting with production/songwriting duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as well as collaborating with Darrel Randle, Ralph Johnson (a founding member of Earth, Wind & Fire), Siedah Garret, and Marcel East. The news comes in ad
  7. Do I think it'll end? Yes. Do I think it'll end soon? No. James Spears' filing is not a clear done thing, and I kind of want him genuinely investigated within the parameters of the conservatorship prior to it ending. Her becoming engaged is a sign of good thing for herself: she's capable of making decisions on her own (ie: accepting a marriage proposal).
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