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  1. I don't know. Wells Fargo has claimed she is "victim of undue influence and financial exploitation." Maybe stemming from her ex? I don't even know.
  2. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Wendy Williams is placed in a temporary financial guardianship until July.
  3. @Leaving Wendy is now claiming she'll be back in September, and also stated she won't be watching Sherri's show, LOL!
  4. Welcome to the board! Look forward to seeing you around!
  5. For a one-night only event this is lovely. But I don't know if they're all up for performing. I know Cheryl canceled gigs, due to her upset over Sarah's death.
  6. Wrong section; moving to the right one.
  7. Hi! Hello! Welcome to the forum! Love your Britney site, BTW!
  8. I gotta go through 234 pages to find these songs, whew!
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