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The 2016 PHF Rewind Awards!

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Welcome to the 2016 PHF Rewind Awards!

Now that the year is coming to a close and 2017 is upon us, we thought it was the perfect time to host our fourth annual awards ceremony! Like last year, we've kept around some of your favourite categories, given others a do over and introduced some brand new ones to keep things interesting.

As per usual, all voting will be done by you, and you can choose from any option you like so there's nothing holding you back. However, you can only vote for one option per category and you may not vote for yourself in any category. Voting will end on December the 27th so start your campaign now to make sure you get the award you want! 

To vote, simply scroll down this page or click here and make sure to fill out all fields.

See you back here on the 28th for the announcement of the winners!


Thanks so much to everyone who voted in this years Rewind Awards and who helped make this year the biggest and best awards season yet! We received twenty submissions in total which helped us determine the winners of eighteen awards, as well as runners up for the awards which received the most competition. The ever-popular @Tweener was our most awarded member this year, clocking in with an impressive ten awards and followed closely by @SpeedofGays - while @Tweener also received the most nominations for one particular category with seven votes landing them the Mother Theresa Award. Check down below for the full list and don't forget to hang around for the drunk acceptance speeches afterwards!

Names in bold represent the winners; the numbers in (brackets) represent how many votes each member got.

Head Fag Award: @Countess (7), @SpeedofGays/@Tweener (2)

Puppy Lover Award: @Third Eye/@Tweener (4), @SpeedofGays/@low kii savage (2)

Taylor Ssswift Award: @Jump Rope/@SpeedofGays/@Third Eye/@Tweener (2), @PrettyBitch (1)

Hermione Granger Award: @Woodcrest (4), @Countess/@Cypher/@Third Eye/@trayertrash (2)

Fat Tampon Award: @VisKip (5), @SpeedofGays (4)

Mother Theresa Award: @Tweener (7), @Third Eye (2)

Gold Spandex Award: @Crywolf/@Jump Rope/@milanimiani/@SpeedofGays (2)

Brendan Jordan Award: @SpeedofGays (6), @Beautiful Mind/@Countess/@Tweener (2)

Favourite Newcomer Award: @Third Eye (3), @Tweener/@kallumlavigne (2)

Queen of #Pop Award: @Countess (5), @Kevinn Edu/@24/7 (2)

Godneys Pink Wig Award: @trayertrash (3), @Starlight/@VisKip (2)

Brendan Jordan Award: @Sinclair (3), @Hawks/@Tweener/@Wild Things (2)

Hot High Lady Lucid Award: @Tweener (3)

Most Likely To End Up in a Japanese Soda Commercial Award: @Tweener (5)@SpeedofGays/@Honeymoon/@SIA IS ACTING (3)

Best Thread: @jlnsgr - Latest Leaks (2)

Best Article: @Woodcrest - How to Actually Get A Debut Album Released; The Aquilina Method (3), @Countess - Will PHF Be Sued by Taylor Swift?/@Woodcrest - Will You Join The Lil Empire?

Best Profile Set: @Countess (6), @SpeedofGays/@Tweener (2)



Best Emoticon: :idkher:/:mo: (3), :bop: (2) 

Thanks again for sticking by PHF for another year! 2016 has been our most successful year so far and we can't wait to move onto even bigger and better things in the New Year. <3 

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