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  2. Oh, yeah sure, then we have to admire the thing that she can be a good sia impersonator!
  3. This is your best article ever I'm glad I'm here reading and listening to it
  4. Katy Perry's "Witness" posts the largest second week percentage sales drop for a #1 debuting female album (-89%) :cackle::cackle::cackle:

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Oh nooooo... :'( The mess of an album deserves it but she doesn't! :( 

    2. Third Eye
  5. when love hurts you gotta run before it's too late, and sadly, it was already too late to scape, now i'm all alone in the danger zone waiting to be healed while watching the moon appear, hoping that i could just disolve like my tears do


    1. Tweener


      when love hurts you gotta cum before it's too late, and sadly, it was already too late to penetrate, now i'm all alone in the sex dungeon waiting to be fucked while watching porn, hoping that i could just disolve like my dick does

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      When love hurts, baby, yeah that's how you know it's real! :hottie: 

    3. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      Hide your faves

  6. Hopefully they will debut next year in Eurovision and I will bop to them
  7. I think Serbians only care about Kosovo right now they are too busy to care about her sexuality as long as she stop their independence omfg
  8. I did some research, Same-sex marriage constitutionally banned. Adoption– In August 2016 Ana Brnabić was elected for Minister of Public Administration and Local State Governments and she is first openly gay minister. In May 2014 Amnesty International identified Serbia as one of a number of countries where there is a marked lack of will to tackle homophobia and transphobia, noting that since 2011 public authorities have banned Pride marches on the basis of violent threats from homophobic groups.[1] Since then a Pride parade successfully took place in September 2014 in Belg
  9. I can't believe Serbia did that while they are super Conservative, Kosovo is shaking

    :yeah::yeah: welcome summer:fishie::fishie:

  11. this is probably the most stupid shit ever, the flag doesn't represent the white gays, it represents everyone, it's a fucking rainbow L M A O. I want a color for the chinese people also please
  12. I'm so glad I'm atheist
  13. Maybe in universe no. 29729393
  14. do we even need this thread
  15. I didn't say Madonna win one, i said Madonna is no longer in the top, and that's happening with our girls now And yeah you are right, i think Rihanna can, even if I'm not a fan of hers
  16. Girl, literally everyone who is famous can get a Grammy for a jazz category, that's what I mean, is like getting a Grammy for remix lmao if you are already famous they will give it you, and you know that's true, any of this pop girls like Katy rihanna and others could easily win a jazz Grammy just for being them, and that's what gaga did. I'm not hating on gaga I'm saying the Truth, it's the circle of life, it happened with Madonna and other girls, it's the time for Gaga, Katy (even if both are my idols) and the rest to sashay away (except if you are Beyonce, she will keep buying Grammy's ti
  17. poor katy, she won't have any hit this era but at least she won't have to jump into a jazz old man dick to have 2 minutes of fame and a easy grammy! all the bigs comebacks by pop girls have been a fucking mess, Bretney (what were yall expecting) rihanna, Joanne Lady Gaga (where is the cure video sis?) + more artist, and it will happen also with the dead sis Xtina. and that will happen to selena pomez and her friends in 10 years
  18. Lana Del Rey has a new collaboration with A$AP Rocky on her upcoming album. W H Y.  W    H      Y.


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    2. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      The point is that it wasn't:cackle:

    3. Gore
    4. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      35 minutes ago, hisnameisjulien said:

      Meh :P 

      Don't worry, I liked that song too. :P It was a lot better than that 'Woodstock' mess at least!

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