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  1. Some Of My Covers

    Taylor Swift Getaway Car Taylor Swift Gorgeous
  2. Some Of My Covers

    Aly & AJ Ten Years even though it doesn't look like much it look me forever to make this i had to find a new grass background as the picture was wide enough which was a pain in the ass!
  3. Dynasty

    Gotta say I love this show so far I love Fallon!
  4. Some Of My Covers

    XCXWorld Digital Booklet
  5. Some Of My Covers

    Tove Lo Blue Lips Back
  6. Some Of My Covers

    Thank you and no that’s the official logo
  7. Some Of My Covers

    Dynasty Poster Before
  8. Some Of My Covers

    Charli XCX TKO
  9. Some Of My Covers

    Ariana Grande Ridiculous Alt
  10. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Amelia's scrapped warner album
  11. Some Of My Covers

    Merry Trishmas request by @Tweener
  12. Some Of My Covers

  13. Drew's Cover Arts

    These are so good, could have sworn i've seen the Hilary one before.
  14. Some Of My Covers

    Thanks is this any better?
  15. Some Of My Covers

    Aly&Aj Potential Breakup Song

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