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  1. Some Of My Covers

    Kylie Dancing
  2. Introduction

    Welcome! hope you enjoy it here
  3. Some Of My Covers

    Kylie Golden Simple edit hated the colouring on the official.
  4. Some Of My Covers

    Taylor Swift Eyes Open
  5. Some Of My Covers

    Bonnie Mckee California Winter
  6. Some Of My Covers

    Charli XCX Unlock it
  7. Some Of My Covers

    Thank you
  8. Some Of My Covers

    Taylor Swift Ready For It? Bloodpop Remix
  9. Some Of My Covers

  10. Some Of My Covers

    Charli XCX POP2
  11. Video Games

    Omg mine takes like 5 mins to load I’ve downloaded that much CC I love to build lol
  12. Video Games

    I love The Sims been a fan since the start lol have to say i love hunting tumblr for clothes & furniture.
  13. Are You Gay?

    Gay all the way i love being bent over.
  14. Some Of My Covers

    Haha thought it had been quiet around here! thank you and glad your back lol
  15. In Today's Non-Breaking News: Gays Hate Feminine Men

    Legit I’m gay but I can be so homophobic some of them are just so irritating and give the rest a bad stereotype.

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