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  1. Aren't Silhouette and If I Could Read Your Mind also a part of this album? I always have them as replacement for JB features
  2. Are we sure I Can Still Dance comes from Epic? I was certain it was from Restless/Wings era
  3. Ohh, good to know! I need some Neon Stan to link me the DLs and Tracklist, I remember the songs that leaked were all fire
  4. tbh Clarissa Loren is more likely to work with her than Neon Is Neon even alive? Anarchy was a cute album but I can't recall any good releases afterwards...
  5. The fact that half of them were taken in her house/neighborhood It should have been red flag to us back then
  6. Yep, before Restless, Hallelujah, Wings, Diamonds, Always On My Mind and In The Wild leaked, they appeared as 45 sec long snippets while I Get What I Want was traded around, being only song that wasn't traded in Full I think
  7. Did the 1:30 snippet leak too? I wish I could put my hands on it to extend it into a whole thing, also interested how chorus sounds like
  8. You mean I Get What I Want? Totally need this one too
  9. This slaps! Would work perfectly with Without You and To Find You! Hoping we'll get it soon as well
  10. Finally someone speaking facts! Right Now before Forever 21
  11. from what I remember, it was on the white board, but it could be also the "mirage" case, where we got the older version of it
  12. Sexin U is SO GOOD, it feels tho like it lacks bass? (do we need Moonchild's remasters? )
  13. Damn, there r so many infos? Don't mind if I use some of it for my tracker
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