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  1. Yesss queen Chuu as your icon :yaskween: 

    1. low kii savage

      low kii savage

      Your Kim Lip and Mina (before Kim) tho, love it

  2. Tbh, from pre-Eclipse, my favs are HeeJin's, HaSeul's (WORDS CANT DESCRIBE HOW BEAUTIFUL LET ME IN IS) and Vivi's, HyunJin and YeoJin are just fine for me
  3. Gurl, im already collecting their albums, chuu is on the way, and there's no way i wouldn't stan after such a bops like SITR and EILY
  4. low kii savage

    Queen Herby - EP 1

    i really don't know either, I laugh as well at them
  5. low kii savage

    Queen Herby - EP 1

    they're not, but i really don't know why they decided to do this solo act, even if her husband helped with production, so almost like it was with karmin
  6. low kii savage

    Queen Herby - EP 1

    Not rlly side, i think karmin is actually over, but i hope not
  7. I'm so late, but happy birthday my gorgeous! I'm so glad to know you and I hope you had a blessed day. <3 

    P.S. I just saw your header image for the first time, stan KPP! :bop::bop::bop:

    1. low kii savage

      low kii savage

      Thank you! I had a great day back then I guess.

      Still waiting for Kyary to drop a bomb and slay our universe again tho

  8. I hope you know already that SG2 is released? Star Dance was her first solo album Abd you dare to use Revival as your nick on here
  9. Did you mean "Is KP4 Katy's Bangerz era"? Already cut her hair, releasing single about sex etc. But well, at least Katy will release music video to her 2nd single, not like Lady Gaga or Joanne or Stefannie
  10. at this point, i can't believe how stupid ppl are and in what horrible age we're living in
  11. Hello, how are you? Could you hand me the amelia lily's leaked songs from the last cd?
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