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I was asked to do this, so here's my best shot, it won't be like the NK Masterpost because obviously a lot of Sia's leaked unreleased is for other people (+ I don't know who they were all intended for) so i'll add in brackets next to them if i have any idea who they were for!

Written For Others:

- My Arena (2 Versions)

- Light Headed

- Flowers

- Born Yesterday

- Blinded By Love

- Joy I Call Life

- Beautiful People Say 

- Hologram

- Life Jacket

- The Corner

- We Can Hurt Together

- Waterfall

- Bye Bye Bye

- This Shit 

- Red Handed

Demos/Alternative Versions:

- Breathe Me (Demo)

- Lentil (Demo)

- Little Black Sandals (Demo)

- Blame It On The Radio (Alt. Version)

- You Have Been Loved (Demo)

- Hold Me Down (2 Alt. Versions)

- Eye Of The Needle (Demo)

- Space Between (Alt. Version/Demo)

- Making The Most Of The Night (Demo for Carly Rae Jepsen)

- Freeze You Out (Demo for Marina Kaye)

- Love Me Back To Life (Demo for Celine Dion)

- Blank Page (Demo for Christina Aguilera)

- Passenger (Demo for Britney Spears)

- Some Kind Of Love Song (Alt. Version)


- Onlysee (1997)

- Healing Is Difficult (2001)

- Colour The Small One (2004)

- Lady Croissant [Live Album] (2007)

- Some People Have Real Problems (2008)

- We Are Born (2010)

- We Meaning You Tour [Live Album] |2 versions| (2010)

- Best Of... (2012)

- 1000 Forms Of Fear (2014)

- This Is Acting (2016)


- Taked For Granted (2000)

- Little Man (2000)

- Drink To Get Drunk [Different Gear Remix] (2001)

- Don't Bring Me Down (2003)

- Breathe Me (2004)

- Where I Belong (2004)

- Numb (2005)

- Day Too Soon (2007)

- The Girl You Lost To (2008)

- Soon We'll Be Found (2008)

- Buttons (2009)

- You've Changed (2009)

- Under The Milky Way (2010)

- Clap Your Hands (2010)

- Bring Night (2010)

- Elastic Heart [ft. The Weekend] (2013)

- Chandelier (2014)

- Big Girls Cry (2014)

- You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (2014)

- Opportunity (2014)

- Elastic Heart [Solo Version] (2015)

- Fire Meet Gasoline (2015)

- Alive (2015)

- Cheap Thrills [ft. Sean Paul/Solo Version] (2016)


- Destiny (Zero 7)

- Somersault (Zero 7)

- I'll Forget You (Loir)

- I Love It (Hilltop Hoods)

- Titanium (David Guetta)

- Wild Ones (Flo Rida)

- She Wolf [Falling To Pieces] (David Guetta)

- Battle Cry (Angel Haze)

- Guts Over Fear (Eminem)

- Deja Vu (Giorgio Moroder)

- Golden (Travis McCoy)

- Bang My Head (David Guetta)

Promotional Tracks:

- Free Me

- Eye Of The Needle (2014)

- Kill & Run (The Great Gadsby Soundtrack)

- Push [Feeling Good On A Wednesday] (as Lorde for South Park)

- Bird Set Free (2015)

- One Million Bullets (2016)

- Reaper (2016)

- Unstoppable (2016)


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5 minutes ago, holdyourhand said:

Oh. I am a major Sia fan and would die to have that collection. :shocked:

I remember back in 2005 Sia shared a lot of unreleased songs and demos on her old forum. I'm still looking for the DVD i saved it all on. :'(

Omg if you can find that I would die, do you remember any titles? 

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On 18.3.2016 at 4:52 AM, Cypher said:

I uploaded a Megapost in the Collections, but it doesn't include all the newly leaked or traded stuff cause I couldn't keep up with all that back when I made it. But it has her releases, for the most part, up to date.

Where is the "Collections" you're speaking about? 8)

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5 hours ago, holdyourhand said:

Only See (AAC-LC 256 kbps)

NOTE - I noticed some noise on a couple of the tracks, not sure if it's because I'm using an old version of Winamp (yeah, I know). Could someone with Itunes let me know if it plays fine or not?

I also have a lower quality mp3 rip with no issues. I used to have a 320 kbps mp3 rip, but god knows where it is now.

As you notice I seldom play this album, it's quite boring.


Same thing happening with my iTunes :/

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