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  1. It sure has. You can find it on Pirate Bay too. Madonna – Demo Assembly As Of 6-6-97 [2019], Mp3 320 kbps, 158.58 MiB.
  2. I really, really dislike her voice. And she is so generic, as an artist and person.
  3. I feel sorry for her. I get the impression she's lost most of her mainstream support?
  4. What did she and her PR people expect? There are going to be toxic people like that when doing these live things.
  5. I would gladly marry someone like Trump for all the money in the world.
  6. I had a relative go like this. She was problably stable but had suffered brain damange.
  7. That sucks, for her and for the concertgoers. But what else could she do if she had, say, the flu or stomach problems?
  8. RIP Bowie, I was hoping to see you in Twin Peaks one day.
  9. Really Bjork? State of the emergency room, it where I want to be...
  10. RIP, I was still hoping for another "Jesus To A Child".

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