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  1. Skinny Legend

    Christmas Music

    This is still the only Christmas album that needs to be heard:
  2. Tbh I don't care about the NFL and I barely know about the whole kneeling controversy, but if this is true I respect Rih's decision. She's using her platform wisely and not supporting an organisation she doesn't believe in. With that said, I'm sad we won't get to see her play the Super Bowl as she definitely has enough hits for a great show. Let's hope things have changed and she has an era to promote in a few years because I know she'd kill it!
  3. Skinny Legend

    Hi Hi

    Another successful introduction thread!
  4. Skinny Legend

    Jaycoolguy - a thread

  5. Skinny Legend

    Janet Jackson

    You might be right tbh. I guess he could have a similar career to R. Kelly, who's still touring and releasing music on a label even after multiple accusations of sexual assault. But I doubt he'd have the kind of success that he did during his career, and I definitely don't think we'd be calling him the King of Pop anymore.
  6. Skinny Legend

    Britney : the most beautiful girl in the world ?

    Selena and Britney are both gorgeous in similiar kinda ways...They both had the same kind of doe eyed innocent look which was perfect for Disney! Sadly Britney often hides her beauty nowadays with some truly dreadful makeup choices but you can tell from the 'Make Me' video that she's still got it.
  7. Skinny Legend

    Skylar Stecker - Let It Pour

    She looks like the white version of Tinashe! The song is okay to me but it's nothing special imo, although the chorus is kinda catchy I guess.
  8. Skinny Legend

    Made Up Album Thread

    That's exactly why he shouldn't be on it! He stole the song and leaked it with his own vocals for clout, when he should have just leaked a flawless solo Britney song for us.
  9. Skinny Legend


    Maybe she has good acting skill for soaps, but let's be real: anyone who's OSCAR worthy would have done a Julianne Moore and hightailed it out of there ages ago.
  10. Skinny Legend

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    I'm genuinely curious tho! I know nothing about the track other than the title, but they did work with some of the same people and I can totally imagine that song in Hilary's voice.
  11. Skinny Legend

    Hilary Duff Singing Live Thread

    You better drag me girl! But don't forget that autotuned acoustic verison of 'Tattoo' we got as well! She doesn't sound great in any of these, but at least she sounds pretty similiar to the studio versions so no one has super high expectations. But if I'm right, wasn't my point that 'Love Is A Battlefield' would have a studio version given that she lip synced to it on tour? I haven't heard any live vocals on that song but I'm willing to be proven wrong.
  12. Skinny Legend

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    Don't tell me 'Twisted' is the track Heidi Montag went on to release? We do have an interview from around November 2007 with Joe Bermudez, who remixed 'Holiday', where Hilary talks about re-releasing Dignity but with only three new tracks max on there. There was no talk of 'Love Is A Battlefield' though (although I guess she technically would have recorded a studio version of that since she lip synced most of the tour ).
  13. Skinny Legend


    We stan a villain with average acting skills and an iconic wardrobe!
  14. Skinny Legend


    Something about that hair is giving me 80s Kyle Richards vibes... Is this girl from Passions or something?
  15. Skinny Legend

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    I would diiie to hear any Dignity outakes! Wasn't she originally meant to re-release it before she decided to put the tracks on the greatest hits album instead? And don't even get me started on all the bops that went unreleased from BI. BO., I wanna hear 'This Heart' so bad.

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