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  1. Well, Mel C has even mentioned in a couple of interviews recently that she and the other girls have been “chipping away” at Victoria and that she’s hopeful she’ll come back on tour with them soon, which is a slight change from the flat out “no” we got back in 2018. So hopefully one day soon we’ll see them all back performing together again!
  2. I really hope so! Even more I hope that she and the other girls (including Victoria) are able to get back together on a more regular basis after COVID subsides...It seems like they’re all at their best and most prolific when they’re with each other as opposed to when they’re doing solo work.
  3. You're asking the wrong person. As you'd know if you'd spent more than five minutes on the forum, the Discord is not officially affiliated with us and I have no idea what goes on there. You'll have to bring it up with whoever's in charge of the Discord atm.
  4. I've been enjoying these little shorts she's been releasing! It just makes me a little sad to hear her talk about how she feels like she's "withered" and lost her spark as she's gotten older...I miss the crazy, fun Ginger Spice who didn't care what anyone said and whose only focus was how to get a newspaper headline the next day. Still, I'm hoping that if and when she releases new music it will bring some of her spark back and inspire her to be her true self a little more! I like what I've heard of the leaked album so I'd definitely be interested in an official release!
  5. The Spice Girls' Forever turns twenty years old this month, and two decades after its release there appears to be more nostalgia and appreciation of the albums musical content than ever before. Released in November 2000 after a short break from their whirlwind of success, Forever marked the first (and last, and only) album recorded by the girls as a four-piece following the surprise departure of Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell. With one member down, the four remaining members worked harder than ever to craft an album that would keep them in the spotlight and maintain relevancy with their now matur
  6. A Britney/Miley half-time show could be interesting for sure. But come to think of it I think Miley could actually pull off a show by herself as well! She definitely has enough hits and iconic moments!
  7. Britney deserves a halftime show, but I don't think it's any secret her mental health has been suffering in recent years. She would have killed it in 2016 though! Say what you want about Rihanna's lack of talent, but the most important thing is she puts on a good show. Katy isn't a great technical vocalist or dancer either but her Super Bowl show was still entertaining. Taylor would probably do a decent job as well but her personality annoys me so I just don't want to see her win. I don't watch the game, but I always catch the Half Time show on YouTube afterwards. There's some
  8. Omfg, I literally didn't even know Maroon 5 did a halftime show... I feel like the Super Bowl didn't even happen this year in my head...So we'll be getting male artists three years in a row? That's stupid tbh, they definitely should have gone for P!nk instead. I love her, but no.
  9. I'm not the biggest fan of her, but she would put on a great show! I guess they wanna alternate between male and female artists but I feel like even Bieber would be a better performer than The Weeknd?
  10. I can understand her skipping performances, but the fact that she wouldn't sign vinyls that were probably done a month ago is off to me. I wouldn't be surprised if she left the group by the end of the year.
  11. Me too! With all the drama around Jesus apparently leaving it may be their last chance...
  12. MISS KYLIE JUST CAN'T STOP WINNING! Disco hit #1, posting the biggest single week sales for a female artist in 2020 in the UK with 54 000 sales equivalents! Kylie is now also the only female artist to have #1 albums in five consecutive decades! Nothing but respect for my queen!
  13. I like his music, but imo he's not a well-established/interesting enough live act to perform at the Super Bowl. He's got a great voice but I can't imagine him jumping from the roof or floating around on a firework... Plus his music is so dark and edgy that I don't feel like it's right for a fun celebratory show. We'll see how it goes though I guess!
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