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  1. Looks like Miley is jumping on the disco bandwagon now too! I wonder what happened to She Is Miley Cyrus. I wouldn't be surprised if she scrapped everything she recorded prior to 'Slide Away' tbh.
  2. I'm sad to hear this. I really thought that during COVID-19 everyone would be coming together and putting their differences aside for a while. It's a shame that even in a global pandemic people can't at least try to meet in the middle.
  3. Skinny Legend


    I never heard anything about her re-recording the album! But I also had no idea it was released on iTunes or released officially anywhere except Vibedeck, so I'm really not sure. Her first album was scrapped after it leaked online, and her second album is really just a "mixtape" made up of some old demos she recorded but that never went anywhere. She has some great songs though, you should check her out!
  4. We have some new albums to add! Troye Sivan - In A Dream is coming out August 21st, Katy Perry Smile is August - 28th, Blackpink - The Album is October 2nd and Kylie Minogue - Disco is November 6th.
  5. This one? It actually doesn't sound too bad...Kinda cute if I'm being honest!
  6. The chorus is kind of underwhelming...And am I the only one who hears Bonnie vocals?
  7. I think it's maybe meant to be 'TSYB' as in 'The Stronger You Become'? And I'm assuming Woz is the producer and 1 is just saying it's the first demo. It honestly has a lot of potential, I'd love to hear a finished version of it!
  8. I feel you! It was a huge hit here but I bet 99% of people wouldn't know who sang it!
  9. Hmmm, I guess that does make sense if it was a Rihanna demo initially. Wasn't 'We Can't Stop' originally for her as well? So #Bangerz is essentially just an album made up of Rihjects...
  10. What have you done? They'll never stop until we're both silenced now...
  11. You're probably right...Maybe on the version of the album with 'Nightmare'? I mean, I can't imagine they'd just call in Bonnie for the background vocals and then tell her to go home and get some rest. If anything I'd say maybe Bonnie did the original demo and then Priscilla laid her vocals over the top of that!
  12. Do you think I have a death wish? The Beygency would track me down in my sleep...
  13. She really did have bops... Although I think 9 Lives was better tbh!

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