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  1. Skinny Legend

    Cheryl - Love Made Me Do It

    Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini is coming through with her fifth album soon, and her first single 'Love Made Me Do It' is apparently being released in October! We don't know who's worked on the track yet, but allegedly Nicola Roberts has co-written every song on the album and Cheryl has been working with Naughty Boy closely so we may have a bop on our hands. Are y'all excited about the new single?
  2. Stop spamming or I'll ban you.

  3. Skinny Legend

    Charli XCX - Taxi

    Why was everyone so hype for this song? It's such a basic demo...It has some potential if she rerecorded her vocals and they fixed the production I guess, but as it is it's incredibly average imo.
  4. Skinny Legend

    Ciara - Dose

    I generally love Darkchild's production, but I just feel like this song (and the other two new tracks as well) are stuck in 2010. I need Ciara to reinvent herself a little instead of just giving us the same old thing, because god knows that hasn't been working for her so far.
  5. Thanks for sharing Andy!
  6. Skinny Legend

    Robyn - Honey

    Release Date: 26th October, 2018 Missing U Human Being (Feat. Zhala) Because It's In The Music Baby Forgive Me Send To Robin Immediately Honey Between the Lines Beach 2K20 Ever Again Robyn's first full album in eight years, Honey, is nearly with us! Are y'all as excited for the return of this dance queen as I am?
  7. Skinny Legend

    Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right & Can't Dance

    Oh god, what if Meghan Trainor has her gothic era like Britney with Blackout? I'm here for her mental breakdown and slutty reinvention!
  8. Skinny Legend

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    I love how you made an account just to post this! It's so great to hear you're doing well Spencer!
  9. Skinny Legend

    Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

    You're totally right! It's good because it means we get lots of albums to listen to, although I do feel sometimes that some of her songs are rushed and a little unpolished. :/
  10. Skinny Legend

    Britney Spears - Unreleased [Masterpost]

    And 'Perfume' by Sia!
  11. Why did you change your name? :stretcher: I legit thought you were a new member and was so ready to start disliking all your posts... :shocked:

    1. lukehub


      I can’t find a good name to settle on, send help, or assistance. 

  12. Skinny Legend

    Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

    Impressive! I hope she enjoys it while she can until the ASIB soundtrack comes out next month!
  13. Skinny Legend

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    Tbh I would rather have an 'Us' leak than a 'Get A Little Closer' leak! After all we already have 'GALC' in remix form but we don't even have a good quality live recording of 'Us'.
  14. Skinny Legend

    Ciara - Dose

    I do like CiCi but this song is just so average to me... It's 2018 and you're a mother of two bitch! Get yourself together and give us something with a little more meaning than this!
  15. Skinny Legend

    Melanie Martinez - TBA (2019)

    Why doesn't she just release the album this year for Q4 and then release the film early next year? Although I guess it would be kinda weird if she released a whole album and singles without music videos...

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