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  1. I don't think I've heard either of the originals but I like your versions of everything you do! Good job boo!
  2. Omg, really? I didn't hear about that! Lemme go check it out! EDIT: Thank god they're okay! I guess the kidnapper thought better of trying to fuck with someone as rich and influential as Gaga. So glad they're safe and I hope they're not traumatized from the whole event.
  3. I would honestly be so distraught if anything happened to my puppy. I don't think I could even function properly knowing they're still out there somewhere. And not only did this guy possibly hurt the animals, he also shot a man! Imagine potentially taking someone's life just so you can make a couple of thousand dollars selling years old dogs! It's honestly disgusting. I really hope they get caught. Agreed. No amount of money would be too much imo.
  4. This is incredibly scary and sad. I would be absolutely devastated if someone kidnapped my dog. It must be all the more difficult for her because she's so far away and can't be on the ground to help. Keeping her in my thoughts.
  5. To be fair, I've only heard of their collabs in recent years. Their production for The Weeknd feel like they were only released a couple of years ago to me! 🤔 But other than that I don't know if they've been doing any solo material.
  6. Over the past few years, many users have approached me with complaints about @Joan, who constantly acts ungrateful, entitled and rude throughout the PHF community. While there’s no forum rules against being a whiny brat, some users have expressed that Joan should be banned for making the forum an unpleasant place for everyone else. Should I do what they ask and ban Joan from PHF?
  7. They've made some bops and they will be missed. But they had a great run and stayed together longer than most groups. I wish them both happiness in whatever they do next!
  8. Yes! And all the other covers they recorded but didn't release!
  9. Love the little Acoustic EP she released. These songs (bar maybe 'Too Much') are all better than their original versions imo.
  10. Me too. If she ever makes an album/autobiography/film/exclusive PHF op-ed after this I can’t help but feel it will be the best work of her career. Stay strong Britney!
  11. I’ve gotta agree. The whole first ten minutes were boring tbh...It would have made a good SNL performance but considering the budget and space he had to work with here it was really underwhelming. Once the dancers come out onto the field I was a little more impressed but that only took up like three minutes of the whole fifteen minute long performance! It doesn’t help that he ran out of breath about thirty seconds in as well...
  12. Wish we’d gotten this album!
  13. Right?! It was an obvious publicity stunt that went way way bad for her. Yes, it’s sexist that the media cancelled her for it and not him, but he supported her publicly so I don’t think he can be accused of encouraging that.
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