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  1. Skinny Legend

    Black Widow (2020)

    Marvel has released the official trailer for Black Widow starring ScarJo and coming out May of 2020! The movie looks like an absolute serve. But I'm not sure how invested I'll feel in this given that we already know what happens to Black Widow a few years down the line... What do you guys think?
  2. The jump off stage was definitely very 5H! But other than that not so much.
  3. So disappointed with this performance...They all look amazing and the choreography is sexy as hell, but it's literally just Nicole doing all the vocals again while the other girls lip sync to background vocals which aren't even theirs. I really thought things were gonna change this time around, but it seems like this is just the same situation from ten years ago all over again.
  4. It's officially a full tour! Let's see how long they last for this time!
  5. It's definitely not gonna be the same without Melody's belts, although I'm glad we're at least getting Carmit back! Maybe they should replace Melody with that Asia girl from the TV show.
  6. The nominations for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards are out! As per usual, the GRAMMYs are so out of touch that they've voted for some super random people, and I can imagine them giving all the awards to Billie Eilish just so they can prove they're still young and hip. But I'm hoping Lana will pull through for Album of the Year! What do you guys think?
  7. Skinny Legend

    Scrapped Tracklists

    She leaked her own unreleased tracklist in her book? She hates her fans!
  8. Are you ever gonna update your signature to include all forty official Avengers that we now have? :hail: 

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    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @Cypher Which is what? Three? :orly: 

    3. Cypher


      The most important death was Thor's physique.

      See the source image

    4. ErvinGoala
  9. They've announced reunions a fair few times now and it's never happened, so I won't get my hopes up too much. But if this is real I'll be excited! I just hope it's for a full tour and maybe even an album instead of just a one off performance.
  10. Skinny Legend

    Albums Coming Out (2019 Edition)

    I didn't know Iggy had more music coming out! The devil works hard but...
  11. Skinny Legend

    Scrapped Tracklists

    How do we know these are legit?
  12. Skinny Legend

    Albums Coming Out (2020 Edition)

    Have you really been doing this for five years? What an iconic series! Thank you for all your hard work! I didn't realise Kesha's album wasn't coming out until next year. It's a little disappointing. I'm looking forward to Selena the most, although Miley, JoJo and Allie should be good as well. I hope Sia brings us something new with this album! And of course Gaga will hopefully slay.
  13. Skinny Legend

    Christmas Music

    Not an official release, but I like this mashup of Leona and Mariah singing 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)'!
  14. Skinny Legend

    Christmas Music

    The question is, who would want to sign her?

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