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  1. I have to agree. Although she actually seems to be getting some promo with WB which is way more than can be said for her older labels!
  2. I really don't hear a Pharrell influence in 'Disgusting'...Like, at all.
  3. She might as well if she worked so hard on interludes and visuals for it!
  4. Well that's interesting! I'm surprised it hasn't leaked yet in that case. It's such a shame she has so much good material that hasn't ever seen the light of day.
  5. I don't disagree with you about Paris's flaws. Even now she has a new boyfriend and she's talking about how in love she is, but I bet in a year or two she'll talk about how horrible he was to her at the time. However, I think that it's somewhat understandable when you look at her past...She talked a lot about choosing the wrong people to fall in love with or staying in bad situations because that's what Provo taught her to do. I know for me personally, I grew up in a family where my parents abused each other and now it's hard for me to understand what love is without an element of abuse in it. It doesn't make it right but I do think it makes sense. Even with the schools your friends went to, I don't think it's good to be hitting anyone full stop...If they got hit as punishment when they were children then imagine how they'll react when someone does something they don't like as adults? It sets a bad example. I also don't like the idea of solitary confinement...The only reason I would think that would be a good idea would be if they were physically harming other people. But you're right, the fact that Paris was strangled is insane. I know it would be hard for her to talk about but I wish we'd heard more about that in the documentary...She kind of threw it out there but didn't explain how or why it happened. I'm also confused about the medication...How could they legally have given children pills without getting consent from their parents first? The whole situation is just crazy.
  6. JoJo. I should have included Bebe but no one mentioned her!
  7. Meh...The idea of just sending a child away to boarding school because they're misbehaving has always been weird to me. "My child is doing something wrong, so the best thing to do is to take them far away from me"...So you're admitting you're the problem? If anything I would think that if your child is acting out the best thing to do is to be around them more and try and understand why. But even if I can understand sending your kid to boarding school, the fact that this school literally turned up in the middle of the night and effectively kidnapped Paris from her home is so fucked up. That should have been a huge warning sign to her parents that this is not a normal school and that there's going to be more weird abusive things happening down the line. How can anyone expect their child to act normally after something like that? I'm not saying it's all their fault, but parents have a duty to their children to take care of them and trust them and they 100% failed when it came to that.
  8. No boo, I'm just joking too! Stan Obama forever!
  9. I just finished watching the movie...It's definitely interesting, although it takes a while to get to the point. All the career-based stuff is pretty much things we already know (although seeing her pop off at Tomorrowland was quite surprising), but...spoiler alert... Either way it's an interesting watch, although I definitely feel like the first half could have used an edit. I'm interested to know more about the whole situation so maybe there'll be a sequel!
  10. Why have I given 2850 like reactions but only received 1919 in return? I give and give and give on this forum but get NOTHING in return!
  11. All Donald Trump stans are already automatically registered, so no need to sign up for you! All hail our king!

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