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  1. It seems to fit in with the "raised by a television" theme but Idk 🤔
  2. So I just checked out this article and it explains a lot! @IVYonce is kinda right in that PCD Worldwide wasn't related to the tour - it was a new business venture that no one's made money from yet from the looks of it. Still, the fact Nicole was getting 32.5% of the profits from the tour while poor Carmit gets only 5% is so fucked up Apparently none of the other girls were getting any profits from PCD Worldwide at all - it was just Nicole and Robin which is also messed up to me - and I STILL don't see how Nicole is justifying taking 75% of that, particularly if that's involving a "new ge
  3. You're right, it's not 49%. They agreed on 49% and then Nicole got greedy and asked for 75% Seriously don't know how you can justify her getting three quarters of the proceeds with four other members and Robin in the picture. Robin hasn't worked on Next Generation for years after her last two attempts flopped, as I'm sure you know. Stop spreading false information and just admit your fave is being selfish
  4. TL;DR But regardless, it's still wrong for Nicole to be asking for 49% of the proceeds when there's literally four other girls on stage with her working (almost) as hard as she is. I don't care about Robin getting money or not but it's shady and mean for her to be doing that to her "sisters"
  5. What a mess 🙄 I'm with you all the way. Downgrade to smaller venues, bring back Melody and let's put on a good show with ALL the girls getting a chance to sing!
  6. Not a person who claims to be trans collaborating with QAnon What a downgrade from Ariana! She must have done some real damage to her brain with all those hard drugs she was on to be this far off the deep end
  7. They all sound great! It's exciting to pretty much be getting an EP from her.
  8. That's true! They definitely at the very least recorded some of the live covers for a live album they were meant to release before Geri left. I'd love a full version of Leader of the Gang as well but I can't imagine them wanting to give any money to that child molester. I hope we get a Forever 25 with a Geri demo of Goodbye as well
  9. I thought Crash sounded familiar but I couldn't find it online anywhere! I have to agree with you on Fish Out Of Water...Even Gladiator and i could have been left off for these ones imo Oh, seriously? I just assumed this would be released in digital as well 😪 That's disappointing. Hopefully someone will be able to rip all the new tracks!
  10. Very here for all these unreleased tracks! She's posted some snippets of them on Insta and tbh they sound better than a lot of the tracks that made the album. I hope this means she's making a musical comeback!
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