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  1. Checked this song! It's just so so so catchy😉🎵😊. Eurovision 2019!!!
  2. Checked this Christmas Pop song!!!🎵😉❄️
  3. All about Ava Max!!!! She is sooo epic!!! and You need to checked her!!!😉😊🙂
  4. Checked this songs! They are just so catchy🎵. Fresh Pop of 2018!!!😉😊
  5. Hey all MCH!!! Checked this!!!! (I Was) Made for Loving You song performed by Kerli, written by Kerli herself. A short snippet of the song leaked, on SoundCloud October 12, 2018. But now its deleted and blocked so i cant save it so sorry😥 but i have the text but still a little information known about it. Lyrics Here : "I'm always here, cause i was made for lovin uuuu" Finally leak something by her😉😮🎵😊.
  6. Hey all MCH!!! Checked this old "Kerli song" from 2010!!! But this song It does have Kerli vocals on the end piece, but it's not her song and also she dont write this song.! Song Info: Written, Produced, Performed and Mixed by Jesse Owen Astin "Language Of Love" contributions by Kerli, Ai Cherie, Samia Mohamad, Elli Perry, Anita Siraki, Safiatou Zankpah, Irene Choi, Rosita Fitch & Daniela Staciokas Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering 2010. And lol this old song its like LID track .
  7. Hi Its so sad that all this songs never be released!!! Dont know why Kerli not released these songs!!! But I know people who have some of these songs but they dont want this songs leak DKW because all this songs are old demos so it can be leaked!!! Kerli also said that old demos can be leaked but not her new music for her new Upcoming CD!!!! So here are list old demos and few new songs but only old demos PLEASE someone leak them FINALLY after Years!!!!!! HERE the NEW List 2018!!!!!!!!!!!: Battle Scars Because of You Better to Lie Cashmere Collide Coming Out Alive Dog Star Glow (Demo version of Glow in the Dark) Godzilla Happily Never After Heaven I'm Feeling You I Shy Hey Hey Is It Worth It? (Kerlis demo) Island Love Ain't Clean (Full) Love Is Pixelated (I Was) Made for Loving You Missing U My Heart is Broken Only 18 On My Way Optimist Relentless Runaway Secret Love Sincerely Solar Powered Something Beautiful (full) The Storm Trippin' U Don't Understand Until I Fell Walking Photograph While We Still Have Wings Wildfire You Love Me You Lose Doll House Electricity Machine Pop (Kerlis demo) Waking Up the Sun (full) BubbleGum (Studio) Tea Party (Demo) Killerwave (Demo) Perfect Day (full) Love Is Dead (Demo) Beautiful Inside (Demo) Army Of Angels (Demo) Ishy (demo Kerli) Worlds Apart (Kerli vocal demo mix) I Wanna Be (Kerlis demo-final version for KatyB) Legends (Final version) HOTTIE HOTTIE GIRLS "Kuukene" : "Moon" (feat. Trad.Attack! : Live Cover? or duet remix?!) Weapons of Mass Creation (full song) See Through (Kerlis demo) Complicated (Kerlis demo) Not Like That Halfway COMPLICATED Foam LARP SCA Loits One Love Fest 2017 - "Näki laul (The Mermaid Song)" (?) Kuressaare Merepäevad 2017 - "Unknown song in Estonian" (?!) Pühajärve Jaanituli 2018 : Interlude Näkilaul (feat. Kristi Mühling, using a kannel*) Loits (feat. Kristi Mühling, using a kannel*) , *: the kannel is the Estonian national instrument. 1st unknown song 2nd unknown song 3rd unknown song 4th unknown song (SpecialLAnew - Arrange) 5th unknown song . And Bonus Song : I'll Find You (Peter Stengaard Petersen's demo for Kerli sung by writer-full) And this is end. so bye.
  8. Enjoy this summer with fresh summer 2018 Pop! ☀️🌍🏖️🏝️⛱️🎵😉
  9. Checked this song! It's just so catchy. Eurovision 2018!!!
  10. Checked this song! It's just so catchy. Melodifestivalen 2018 & Eurovision 2018.
  11. Someone add on kerliwiki new song called "Halfway" but did anybody know if this song is real???
  12. Checked this song! It's just so catchy.
  13. So sad but love it! Checked fresh swedish pop!!!.
  14. the song is registered where did u think that i have the info!!!! This song be add this month on ASCAP. HOTTIE HOTTIE GIRLS Writers: JOSHUA MANNING, KERLI Performers: KERLI

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