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  1. Leak NEX and maybe you will discover who "Skinny Legend" really is
  2. Yes, that's her! It sounds like she's singing in a higher key than the released version. Leak it y'all!!! It's been 84 years since the last leak...
  3. I wonder if Bonnie reworked/re-recorded the song before giving it to Lea Michele because her version sounds completely different from the 2008 demo 🤔
  4. I am pretty sure this is Show Me which was given to k-pop singer KEY from the band SHINee. I was randomly checking his album's credits and Bonnie indeed co-wrote the song! I'm curious to hear her demo now...
  5. But this is identical to the Myspace demo from 2009. The YouTube link is just a LQ version of the recording. Same vocal take. So the 2013 re-recorded version (if there's one) remains unreleased.
  6. 2003? So it's even older than her first and only album "Trouble" which was released a year later... Interesting... Does anyone know if this is the same song as the one on the infamous Epic white board or does she just have two songs with the same title?
  7. We only have the Myspace version from 2009 so far... I know she was planning on putting that song as the album closer but did she actually re-recorded the song for the Epic album?
  8. Aren't you mistaking with the one that has a different vocal take on the verses?
  9. i am willing to leak it if somebody else leak forever 21, don't get mad or right now
  10. There's only a Myspace rip (128kbps) since it's where that song came from I think these are the song she uploaded on her Myspace back in 2008-2009. To Find You Stars in Your Heart (Demo) Thunder Love Spell Worst in Me Head On There's also this song called "Future Ex-Boyfriend" which leaked(?) before the American Girl era and to this day, I still don't know where it came from...
  11. We can't see it but I remember that she did mention "Unlock Your Love" and several other tracks in that interview while she was showing the white board. I wish somebody could find a link of that video It seems to have completely disappeared off the internet....
  12. Wait! I'm confused... I thought Bonnie used that song as background music during one of the scenes in her short film "April Kills the Vibes". Maybe I'm mistaking with another song but I'm pretty sure I saw "Lipstick Revolution" on the credits.
  13. 11 unleaked tracks left... it's only a matter of time Don't Get Mad, Get Even Forever 21 Hitman Hit Me Up Hot City Lipstick Revolution Mirage Outlaw Right Now Show Me Your Love Wild Card Can somebody confirm if they're all currently circulating?
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