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  1. It's sitting on her computer since 2014 She litteraly has no excuses since she brought the songs back from Epic.
  2. She is singing the background vocals on the demo. I can filter it for you so you can hear her sing! BMLTBL.mp3
  3. Here's an update on my rankings! Kylie Minogue (Fever > Rhythm of Love > Kylie Minogue > X > Aphrodite > Body Language > Golden > Light Years > Impossible Princess > Kiss Me Once > Kylie > Let's Get to It > Enjoy Yourself > Kylie Christmas) Britney Spears (In the Zone > Britney > Glory > Blackout > Oops!... I Did It Again > Femme Fatale > Circus > ...Baby One More Time > Britney Jean) Madonna (Confessions on a Dance Floor > Bedtime Stories > Music > Ray of Light > True Blue > American Life > Rebel Heart > Madonna > Hard Candy > Like a Prayer > Like a Virgin > Erotica > Madame X > MDNA) BoA (Kiss My Lips > One Shot, Two Shot > Hurricane Venus > Woman > Am I Okay Like This? > Who's Back? > BoA > Starry Night > Only One > Love & Honesty > Girls On Top > Valenti > Made in Twenty > Outgrow > My Name > The Face > Atlantis Princess > Identity > Listen to My Heart > No. 1 > ID; Peace B) Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation 1814 > The Velvet Rope > Janet. > Control > All for You > Damita Jo > Unbreakable > Discipline > 20 Y.O. > Janet Jackson > Dream Street) JoJo (The High Road > Mad Love. > Good to Know > Agape > Can't Take That Away from Me > JoJo) Gwen Stefani (Love Angel Music Baby > Return of Saturn > Push and Shove > Rock Steady > This Is What the Truth Feels Like > Tragic Kingdom > You Make It Feel Like Christmas > No Doubt > The Beacon Street Collection) Christina Aguilera (Stripped > Bionic > Christina Aguilera > Liberation > Back to Basics > Mi Reflejo > Lotus > My Kind of Christmas) Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin > Goodbye Lullaby > Let Go > Avril Lavigne > Head Above Water > The Best Damn Thing)
  4. I bought them when they were first released and I've spent at least 280€ to buy those 7 vinyl I'm still missing the non picture disc version of BOMT tho. UO has pretty cheap vinyl packaging. All of them have splits & tearings on the side of the sleeves.
  5. they didn't want to release SLAY so they dropped her.
  6. @Whoknowsmehere here you go this album is still haunting me 7 years later...
  7. Thank you for the links! Do you have her demo of Mama's Broken Heart & That's What I Call Crazy ?
  8. She sings the background vocals. There's a filtered version in which you can hear her voice.
  9. leak it it's been more than 5 years
  10. @Skinny Legend I posted the song on the latest leak thread tho but for real the song is average so it didn't deserve its own thread tbh
  11. I'm french too! Tell us the company!
  12. It was known for years that there was something wrong with this man and his relationship with children. But people used to put that aside because he was and still is such an icon in the music industry so why now? Why bringing up this case 10 years after his passing? I haven't watched the documentary yet so I still don't have a clear opinion about the whole situation. But he's clearly not innocent. Anyways stream Janet's Made For Now.

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