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  1. Myah Marie is actually running Britney's account.
  2. nanapop99

    Bonnie McKee - Sophomore/Epic Album Name

    @Skinny Legend I posted the song on the latest leak thread tho but for real the song is average so it didn't deserve its own thread tbh
  3. nanapop99

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    I'm french too! Tell us the company!
  4. nanapop99

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    It was known for years that there was something wrong with this man and his relationship with children. But people used to put that aside because he was and still is such an icon in the music industry so why now? Why bringing up this case 10 years after his passing? I haven't watched the documentary yet so I still don't have a clear opinion about the whole situation. But he's clearly not innocent. Anyways stream Janet's Made For Now.
  5. nanapop99

    Femme Fatale appreciation thread

    Pre-Chorus & Chorus
  6. nanapop99

    Bonnie McKee - Sophomore/Epic Album Name

    But she did tho!
  7. nanapop99

    Bonnie McKee - Sophomore/Epic Album Name

    It's been 15 years since the release of her first album Trouble.
  8. nanapop99

    Femme Fatale appreciation thread

    Am I the only who hear Bonnie McKee's vocals on Inside Out?!
  9. nanapop99

    Relationship Advice...

    Your love life sounds like a angsty fanfiction No but for real, I would hate to be in your current position tbh. I've never been in a serious relationship either so I don't really know how to help you But you're definitely not the one at fault. That guy needs to figure things out before you give him your heart to break! Being gay is exhausting... I never really know if a "straight" guy is into me or not. They be sending me mixed signals that just left me confused... I've been eyeing this guy from my class for a few months now and we ended up making out at his house last week but he just broke up with his girlfriend (and i'm bored ). We didn't really talk about it the day after, so idk. 2019 is starting real messy for me.
  10. nanapop99

    Femme Fatale appreciation thread

    Femme Fatale used to be my favorite Britney album when it was released. Apart from Big Fat Bass, all of the tracks are pure bops after bops! I remember buying the premium fan edition of the album for Christmas back in 2012 and I've never received it Hold It Against Me remains in my top 5 of best Britney songs!
  11. @Turn Ya Head I NEED Bonnie McKee I Wanna Fucking Call You
  12. Let's not forget 2NE1's US album and Bom's solo album
  13. nanapop99

    Some Of My Covers

    Way better than the official booklet!
  14. nanapop99

    LOOΠΔ thread


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