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  1. nanapop99

    Happy Birthday To...

    happy birthday!
  2. nanapop99

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    The 2 (or 3 i don't even remember) DLC have been really disappointing so far. They all feel very rushed and don't bring anything new or special to the original game. But the game itself is very cool and a lot of fun. I played the whole thing with the Angel of Darkness outfit because she really was THAT bitch in that game!
  3. nanapop99

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    You're the One, Living For Your Loving and the other version of Love Is on the Line in HQ would be a great start (KM94 is such an underrated album! )
  4. nanapop99

    Albums coming in 2019

    What I'm the most curious about are the Kiss My Lips' album demos. If you look at the credit in the booklet you can see that she worked with a bunch of non-korean producers on most of the tracks so there must be some english versions somewhere...
  5. nanapop99

    Albums coming in 2019

    I haven't got the time to listen to the Woman album completely but I'm always excited for new BoA releases. Amor is a bop! I wish she would release a second english album tho. Make Me Complete is a great song.
  6. nanapop99

    Five Albums To Look Forward To In 2019

    CL & Bonnie McKee will release their album this year. Bookmark me!
  7. nanapop99

    Albums coming in 2019

    BoA is releasing a new album this year???
  8. nanapop99

    LOOΠΔ thread

    Did they really send her to Iceland just to film a teaser?
  9. nanapop99

    The 5 Best Albums of 2018

    Where is Golden Hour?
  10. nanapop99

    Predictions for 2019

    Can't wait for Mi Liberación!
  11. nanapop99

    Predictions for 2019

    Bonnie McKee will leak her Epic album
  12. nanapop99

    LOOΠΔ thread

    This snippet already sounds better than Hi High! I'm so here for a darker concept. Also they are having a concert in Seoul next month so their second album will probably be released before that.
  13. nanapop99

    Best leaked songs of 2018?

    Bonnie McKee - Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt (Now can someone please leak the rest of her Epic album? )
  14. nanapop99

    The Most Surprising & Disappointing in 2018

    The Most Surprising Albums Bebe Rexha - Expectations (Ferrari still snatch my wig everytime) BoA - 私このままでいいのかな, One Shot Two Shot, Unchained & Woman (I mean she released 4 albums this year!!!! ) Charlie Puth - Voicenotes JoJo (2018) & The High Road (2018) [Best Christmas Gifts EVER!!) Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour (My album of the year ) Sabrina Carpenter - Singular: Act I The Most Surprising Singles Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel LIZ - Could U Love Me Nina Nesbitt - Loyal to Me The Most Disappointing Albums Ariana Grande - Sweetener Tinashe - Joyride Robyn - Honey (The title track is great tho) The Most Disappointing Singles Bonnie McKee - Sleepwalker (I still hate her for that ) Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One (Still better than Warm Blood & Black Heart but not what I was expecting.) Christina Aguilera - Accelerate
  15. nanapop99

    Kylie Whooo?

    @Joan C U Next Tuesday.

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