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  1. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    They're taking a break this month, May will be the Eden sub-unit's debut and the full group will debut in June STAN LOONA, STAN TALENT!
  2. 39 demos from Kylie Minogue's "X" leaked

    Well it was originally intended for Britney's Blackout and I read somewhere that she did background vocals for that song too!
  3. List of unleaked lady gaga songs

  4. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    There's two editions for both of their sub-units albums and the blue one is the limited editon of the Odd Eye Circle album
  5. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    Most of the groups that got me into k-pop are now disbanded so I feel you + new k-pop is trash tbh (except LOONA obv ) And that blue cd cost more than 100€ now btw
  6. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    My album collection is complete!
  7. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    Eden sub-unit's in May so the full group will probably debut in July-August(?) SNSD is pretty much dead since there's only 5 members left with SMEnt + Only three members are performing tonight for the SMTown concert in Dubai Can't wait to see OT3 performing Gee (Please wait for Tiffany US solo debut! )
  8. Most Iconic FLOP albums

    Kylie Jenner released an album? Why is she trying to copy Queen of Pop Kylie Minogue??
  9. Will your fave be relevant in 20 years?

    Will Bonnie release SLAY in 20 years?
  10. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    amazing song amazing video
  11. Most Iconic FLOP albums

    Queen of K-Pop invented singing in english with this album
  12. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    I'm missing the limited editions for both sub-unit albums but they are so expensive now and if BlockBerry doesn't reprint the albums I'll probably never have them
  13. Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Glad to see that they are releasing it on every platform! I hated that XBOX exclusive thing for the previous games.
  14. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member

    Can't believe I spent more than 200$ to buy all of their albums
  15. LOOΠΔ reveals 12th and final member


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