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  1. It's sitting on her computer since 2014 She litteraly has no excuses since she brought the songs back from Epic.
  2. She is singing the background vocals on the demo. I can filter it for you so you can hear her sing! BMLTBL.mp3
  3. Here's an update on my rankings! Kylie Minogue (Fever > Rhythm of Love > Kylie Minogue > X > Aphrodite > Body Language > Golden > Light Years > Impossible Princess > Kiss Me Once > Kylie > Let's Get to It > Enjoy Yourself > Kylie Christmas) Britney Spears (In the Zone > Britney > Glory > Blackout > Oops!... I Did It Again > Femme Fatale > Circus > ...Baby One More Time > Britney Jean) Madonna (Confessions on a Dance Floor > Bedtime Stories > Music > Ray of Light > True Blue > A
  4. I bought them when they were first released and I've spent at least 280€ to buy those 7 vinyl I'm still missing the non picture disc version of BOMT tho. UO has pretty cheap vinyl packaging. All of them have splits & tearings on the side of the sleeves.
  5. they didn't want to release SLAY so they dropped her.
  6. @Whoknowsmehere here you go this album is still haunting me 7 years later...
  7. Thank you for the links! Do you have her demo of Mama's Broken Heart & That's What I Call Crazy ?
  8. She sings the background vocals. There's a filtered version in which you can hear her voice.
  9. leak it it's been more than 5 years
  10. I did It didn't even chart in the the Wallonia region of Belgium where I live
  11. @Skinny Legend I posted the song on the latest leak thread tho but for real the song is average so it didn't deserve its own thread tbh
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