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  1. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    just to refresh your memory, of your own post.
  2. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    whats his apparent new username? I'll block that too
  3. Hi

    is this another version of @jaycoolguy, god no.
  4. Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

    They got the best of the best treatment too, like obviously "dating" a 80 year old is gonna be different but they got they're own freedom when he wasn't around and still got treated like royalty.
  5. Dynasty

    I believe its one of the writers, you should watch it it's quite good. I'm rewatching it at the moment!
  6. good revenge ideas?

    Yesssss @Countess that'd be amazing! haha
  7. hEllo

    Welcome! I'm not sure what trading and selling twitter users is? Could you explain that to me. Hope you have fun and enjoy it here by all means x
  8. Dynasty

    Oh god, I don't watch that show but I've seen it around it looks absolutely shit. Although The CW (We don't get it here but I know it carries a few TV shows) has shows like Supernatural, admittedly it's now just dragging along it was brilliant at the beginning it got stupid when they introduced those weird monsters from "Purgatory", they did however make it better when they got that lair thing that was sort of awesome. I'd love to know what you guys think of the new Dynasty though, I think it shouldn't be too bad as it's got Gossip Girl producer and that was a brilliant show (aside from the ending, not Dan being Gossip Girl just how they ended such a good show so shitty). It was funny, it popped up after I'd watched the new ep of Riverdale I think what'll suck people in is Fallon and her brother, Fallon is a tougher Blair Waldorf and her brother just seems to cheer her on which makes for great TV. Like Blair Waldolf always was amazing, a bitch but caring but she had her limits where as I don't think Fallon has limits she'll do whatever it takes.
  9. Halloween Movies

    I'm not one for scary movies, but if I'm in the right mood I will. I do love the sort of comedy/scary movies, but since it's halloween I thought I'd ask what movies you guys watch and if you have any suggestions? One for me is "Rose Red", I believe it was a TV series or a movie split into 4 parts (it's 2 hours long) and it's quite good they based er, Scary Movie 2 off of it. I watched a movie called The Babysitter the other day, it's a Netflix movie it was a bit stupid but one of those stupid but alright ones that you wana see what happens next, this 12 year old kid managed to kill off 6 grown people (he was protecting himself) and also drove a car through his house.
  10. Dynasty

    Oooh, I love that. I kinda wana watch the OG series. This is a trailer, but it has the bitchfight in it. I also found out from this that it's made by a producer from Gossip Girl, which was an awesome show so hopefully this one will be too. Cos didn't one of the O.C producers, produce gossip girl? I remember something like that and that's how I found out about it and ended up binging the entire thing.
  11. Dynasty

    I didn't know this was a remake! I love the bitchfight in the first episode of the reboot though. I don't know who Alexis is on that youtube video, is that the first wife? "Who the hell are you doing here?"
  12. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    me too! I normally stream it on Stan (Australian version of Netflix) but I heard theres some amazing deleted scenes and stuff on there
  13. Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    so do I! love it haha, but friends I only got into a little while back and I bought the box set this year
  14. Aw that's so sad, I'd be heartbroken if I met one of the families. Regardless of the gun laws people were still injured for no good reason other then seeing someone in concert and it's just sad. I hope your friend will be ok I dunno if I could go so close after having something that big happen, but ill keep them in my thoughts & prayers for you!
  15. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    You kill a weed, more pop up. Just leave it there.

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