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  1. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    Like I Do is being released tomorrow, officially! I agree with @Countess the rapping makes it for me not like it as much as it could be.
  2. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    yeah, not a fan if that's the official version. she doesn't sing much in that one. excited to hear the rest of the album though.
  3. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    I love the fall in line video, I love that song the live performance at the end when Demi came out was a disaster, it was a screaming contest when Demi came out. The video is amazing though the production work everything, I feel like she teamed up with the wrong person though and that's brought it down.
  4. hounderawr

    Jennifer Lopez - Dinero

    I won't lie, I really love this.. I feel like it's old Jennifer and new sort of combined.. it's amazing
  5. hounderawr


    Yeah, I love the remake I've not seen the original would love too Liz did a talk about this, she said she loved the original show but and she wanted to carry qualities from that show onto the new one but she also wanted to make the new one it's own. I'm really enjoying it, as the season sort of goes on it's less "overdramatised" and more sort of serious turning into an actual show which is a good thing and probably why it got renewed for season 2. I also like it, cos it's essentially a now version of the show things that have changed like Stephen being actually gay, and just bits like that. That cliffhanger I agree @YoursTruly wow, haha. I was pissed but I understood why they left it where it was.
  6. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    Won't lie, that's amazing. That song is so good!! like it's my fav so far!
  7. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    Living for this new album.
  8. hounderawr

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    which ones? her new single is amaze. I also love her lips, they seem like she's had them done they suit her too.
  9. hounderawr

    Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

    also on Spotify! you know what, im kind of digging this Justin but I can see where a lot of the country comes into it but hes done his own thing as well.
  10. hounderawr

    Justin Timberlake - Filthy

    I know, it really does! I'm excited for this era!
  11. hounderawr

    Justin Timberlake - Supplies

    I dunno, I think it could be a good era for him. I quite like this song much better then Filthy (and I do love that song). I don't quite understand both videos, but they're very Justin Timberlake, I hope more songs are bops though the thing that's worrying me is I read I forget where that someones influenced him with Country and that'd be a major flop imo for Justin, I do like this era though.
  12. hounderawr

    Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

    I know! This song is absolutely amazing, if this song is anything to go by I'm in love with his new album 2nd can't come soon enough!
  13. hounderawr

    Drake Bell | Honest

    I think if I take out the fact of his "Drake and Josh" days as they're both clinging onto threads of fame, the other is a youtuber now I could get into it but I can't get past that. Songs ok, I don't think he'll make it as a singer sadly though.
  14. hounderawr

    Troye Sivan | My My My!

    Heard it once, tried to get into it but it's a no from me too.
  15. hounderawr

    Justin Timberlake - Filthy

    ugh I love it too, it's amazing. I think he pushes the boundaries with music, 95% of his tracks I've loved and always go back at some point.

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