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  1. hounderawr


    Yeah, I love the remake I've not seen the original would love too Liz did a talk about this, she said she loved the original show but and she wanted to carry qualities from that show onto the new one but she also wanted to make the new one it's own. I'm really enjoying it, as the season sort of goes on it's less "overdramatised" and more sort of serious turning into an actual show which is a good thing and probably why it got renewed for season 2. I also like it, cos it's essentially a now version of the show things that have changed like Stephen being actually gay, and just bits like that. That cliffhanger I agree @YoursTruly wow, haha. I was pissed but I understood why they left it where it was.
  2. hounderawr

    Khloe Kardashian Pregnant

    I dunno about Kylie, but Khloe is actually pregnant. So happy for her ❤️ I can’t wait to find out what she names her child, she’s wanted a child for so long so pleased for her
  3. hounderawr

    (Not)New In Here...

    DISGASTING do you dislike her @Countess? Welcome here @Moonchild I hope to see you around a bit more or I already have and just haven’t noticed your name in which case I am sorry!
  4. hounderawr

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Haha, When you make a new topic up the top click "poll" where the dark grey bar is - I'd never lie to you
  5. hounderawr


    oh geez, no she got killed off when she needed to be she was nothing but like a big flirt on DH, admittedly she had a good character but the main characters were the 4 main girls. my fav was Gabrielle.
  6. hounderawr

    Are You Gay?

    ok, I only know like 3 of those. what's a sushisexual someone who finds sushi a turn on? would one of those be if it's windy your sexual preference changes? I dunno why I thought of that, but I just imagine someone walking up a street the wind blows and they're attracted to a different sex. im not gay, i only like gay dom tops inside of me though. i really am gay.
  7. hounderawr

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    You can already You just have to start the thread.
  8. hounderawr

    The Contradictions of Sex Positivity

    So Sex Positive is like, just being a sexual person who is very open about sex? I would probably identify as that too I guess, I don't have no shame against sex, its a natural thing that like 95% of the world does. I know Christina is very open about it, you can just look at her music videos and I think it adds an extra something to them too, she doesn't flaunt sex but is just a sexual being. btw, Armie Hammer.. he's mine, Him and David Beckham.
  9. hounderawr


    I like her but I agree, theres better actresses out there for the role. What happened with Desperate Housewives? That show is amaaazing.
  10. hounderawr

    2018 Grammy Nominations Revealed

    So not until 2019? Cos that album, or at least Beautiful Trauma deserves a grammy.
  11. hounderawr

    In Today's Non-Breaking News: Gays Hate Feminine Men

    I mean I understand being attracted to more masculine or more feminine people sure but gays shouldn't discriminate against they're own. I also hate the term "straight-acting", act how you bloody damn please I'm not the most masculine person ever and I'm sure I've "feminine" mannerisms, doesn't mean I'm any less of a guy or gay.
  12. hounderawr

    Albums coming in 2018

    I agree too and I'm a huge Britney Stan so saying this, is a big deal. I hope she releases a new album in the new year, her music is iconic and her music videos are amazing. She's also a really good actor.
  13. hounderawr

    What I'm up too!

    i didn't know gays could get clamidya, learn something new everyday. (i only vaugly know what it is though) i mean sex is sex i guess susseptible to everything.
  14. hounderawr

    Australia votes YES to same sex marriage

    Was $122 million actually, and you could have requested another as some people weren't receiving theres - I understand though like I think it was hard to get another, shame it got thrown out. The whole thing is a mess, that money could've been spent elsewhere just to find out if Australians wanted same sex marriage, er yes who cares if some people dont like it majority of Australia does. Should've done a poll online, would've been much cheaper. They're already drafting bills to be passed, they recon it could be legal as soon as Christmas. Which is amazing news, regardless of how Australia did it were getting there in the end, even though the government is fucked and wasted time and energy and should've just said yes instead of making people voluntarily vote, with that much money you'd think they'd at least make it mandatory to vote.
  15. hounderawr


    oh I knowwww, and the wedding dress where Fallon comes in and bites her head off the wedding topper then rips her dress roffle

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