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  1. Lelewlovebird

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Someone should finally leak the last few tracks of Michelle Branch's West Coast Time album so the fans can have the whole album. It's been shelved for over half a decade and I know people have claimed to have some of the songs. I'm not sure if anyone here has those or even likes her but the small amount of stans left would be eternally grateful! We still need : - The Story of Us - West Coast Time - Falling Out of Love - Mastermind (Acoustic)
  2. Lelewlovebird

    Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    I love The Cab and their voices blended really well together here tbh
  3. it’s really sad that they’ve probably recorded original material as Dami may have had another album’s worth with Smile or Fighting For Love, and Sammi definitely had a lot. I love both of them but I was disappointed they both announced cover albums (especially Dami since it’s her third)
  4. Lelewlovebird

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    the song grew old kinda quickly, the photoshoot is perfect, and I appreciate the experimentation, but her voice suits some of her material better imo
  5. Lelewlovebird

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    this was technically leaked a long while ago, but does anyone have He Smiled (Take My Heart) by Fefe Dobson (or the Catch Me song)? All the links I’ve found are dead or subject to copyright
  6. Lelewlovebird

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    she still hasn’t addressed anything I really hope she didn’t lose the 3 1/2 years or so of material
  7. Lelewlovebird

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    that’s true! we seem to have a lot more information on the other two so I guess more people invest in those, where as we basically just have the title for DKOC and we knew it was another country project after ECAG was slid out as an EP
  8. Lelewlovebird

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    most of the tracks have leaked but Michelle Branch has West Coast Time, and Everything Comes And Goes, as well as the album with vague details, Different Kind Of Country Fefe Dobson has her Firebird album that some people have but is mostly unreleased, and I assume she has a lot of scrapped material for Joy’s incarnations over the four years it took
  9. Lelewlovebird

    Currently Listening To..

    James Bay - Pink Lemonade has been on repeat for whatever reason
  10. Lelewlovebird

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    !!! also Michelle Branch - The Story Of Us (among the other last few WCT songs)
  11. Lelewlovebird

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    I wonder if the underperformance will delay the album, I hope not but I wouldn’t be very surprised
  12. Lelewlovebird

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    32 wasn’t a terrible debut but dropping to 88 was bad shes getting physical sales as a boost when the cd singles are shipped out at the end of this month, not sure why they waited so long. maybe a plan is there after all. they also talked about an actual video but I guess we’ll have to wait and see
  13. Lelewlovebird

    Currently Listening To..

    this is random but Kelly Clarkson - Love In These Eyes why she let this go unreleased is beyond me
  14. Lelewlovebird

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    I’m surprised Alanis is so high, but I’m not complaining, I still really like JLP
  15. Lelewlovebird

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    I never updated this with chart positions but the streaming era is taking a toll on her too it seems

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