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  1. Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    Not sure how many Delta fans are here but she’s announced a new single, teasing it on twitter as well Release this Friday (2/16) Described as a more sexual departure from past work with lines like “Every time I look at you, your clothes are coming off” and the chorus “I think about you naked when I’m looking at you” She also looks beautiful in the photoshoot
  2. this made me so sad
  3. Scott's Artwork

    Love the Kelly, P!nk and Demi ones! They had some great photoshoots and the covers you made are more of what I wanted/expected for the albums and singles
  4. Fefe Dobson

    anyone else remember her? she actually has decent material and not a bad voice, she had moderate success but never blew up
  5. Dami is actually pretty talented, I wonder what her next album will turn out like
  6. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Have any of Vanessa Amorosi’s ‘V’ tracks leaked? (specifically the non-demo version of Just Say Yes)
  7. Albums coming in 2018

    I’m hoping Leona gets a chance next year and I’d love to see Natasha Bedingfield come back, I doubt it would do very well, but she seems just as good as she was so I’d still like it
  8. why Samantha Jade didn't happen? (The x factor winner)

    I wonder this too, Sammi has some great songs and is actually a better singer than given credit for, but she seems to have lost their interest and dragging her album out three years didn’t exactly help her.
  9. What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic Paramore - After Laughter Shania Twain - Now Kesha - Rainbow
  10. Currently Listening To..

    Kelly’s new album (specifically Medicine and Would You Call That Love)
  11. Delete a Song From Your Faves Discography

    Leona Lewis - Fly Here Now Kelly Clarkson - I Want You Delta Goodrem - One Day Michelle Branch - Drop In the Ocean
  12. Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    I’m aware of that now, at the time it was the only one I knew of where she’d cursed
  13. Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    I believe it was written with Lindy Robbins (and Toby Gad but that’s obviously not him singing lol)
  14. Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    They haven't been leaked but yeah Love Killer is a great song
  15. Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    actually Gold is similar in that fact, and her version of Shine a Little Light is also amazing. also, Love Killer is one of my favorite things she's ever done and it shows Leona actually cursing for the first time in a song (unless i forgot something)

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