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  1. tbh anything from Leona but especially Glassheart era material, Kelly, Avril
  2. does anyone have the files for Fefe Dobson’s He Smiled (Take My Heart) and Catch Me? they leaked ages ago but the links have all stopped working, it would be much appreciated (same with her track You Killed Me but I’m unsure whether or not that leaked)
  3. it was due in November 2011 but they picked the wrong singles I guess because nothing caught on and then they scrapped it a week before it was out, originally “delayed” I believe
  4. EXACTLY haha I'm a little shocked you know it. A few of the tracks early in the V tracklist like With or Without You and I Always Wanted To Do That sound like they'd follow TIWIA's sound, and I lowkey want to hear those the most along with Just Say Yes. I can't believe they shelved the album literally a week before it was due to be out
  5. sure! sorry for taking up space lol she’s an Australian pop/rock musician, as far as I know, these are her biggest hits that would somewhat follow the V album sonically some are hit or miss, but there were some decent sounding tracks here
  6. someone should leak Vanessa Amorosi’s V album, we have snippets of all of them already also, nobody probably knows them but The Cab apparently have a lot of unreleased stuff too
  7. does anybody have anything from Anna Nalick’s initial second album sessions? We have a few like Lullaby Singer, Break Me Open, and Words but I’m pretty sure she’d had an entire album ready, so it’d be much appreciated since there’s no other way we’d get to hear them
  8. I don't necessarily have an order but : Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour Jessie J - R.O.S.E Bohnes - 206 Mariah Carey - Caution James Bay - Electric Light Ella Mai - Ella Mai Panic! at the Disco - Pray For the Wicked Florence + the Machine - High As Hope Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing Muse - Simulation Theory Halestorm - Vicious Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty Toni Braxton - Sex and Cigarettes + I liked some of Shawn's ST and Charlie's 'Voicenotes,' a few rap albums (usually only like 50% of them), and a few Japanese albums
  9. Someone should finally leak the last few tracks of Michelle Branch's West Coast Time album so the fans can have the whole album. It's been shelved for over half a decade and I know people have claimed to have some of the songs. I'm not sure if anyone here has those or even likes her but the small amount of stans left would be eternally grateful! We still need : - The Story of Us - West Coast Time - Falling Out of Love - Mastermind (Acoustic)
  10. I love The Cab and their voices blended really well together here tbh
  11. it’s really sad that they’ve probably recorded original material as Dami may have had another album’s worth with Smile or Fighting For Love, and Sammi definitely had a lot. I love both of them but I was disappointed they both announced cover albums (especially Dami since it’s her third)
  12. the song grew old kinda quickly, the photoshoot is perfect, and I appreciate the experimentation, but her voice suits some of her material better imo
  13. this was technically leaked a long while ago, but does anyone have He Smiled (Take My Heart) by Fefe Dobson (or the Catch Me song)? All the links I’ve found are dead or subject to copyright
  14. she still hasn’t addressed anything I really hope she didn’t lose the 3 1/2 years or so of material
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