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7 hours ago, 365MM said:

And a minor quibble- clear vinyl for the deluxe? I already have so many records on clear, but none in the ‘coke bottle green’ they’re pressing the standard version on! Grrr! 

Even Adele got relegated to clear! I think the factories can't keep up. :stretcher:

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this was the original mock up they posted

Very here for all these unreleased tracks! She's posted some snippets of them on Insta and tbh they sound better than a lot of the tracks that made the album. I hope this means she's making a musical

Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (Moonlight Edition) (The Remix Album) (Feat. Blessed Madonna & Dababy) (2021 Release) (Deluxe Edition) will be coming out soon! It has all the same tracks as the origin

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21 hours ago, 365MM said:

I just heard those today! I think one (“Crash”) had already been leaked, but I can’t compare to my iTunes right now to confirm. Really liked the few different snippets. Yeah- really strong tracks that maybe should have been on the album. “Fish Out of Water” 😬 She went with ‘Fish’ over some of these? Lol!

I thought Crash sounded familiar but I couldn't find it online anywhere! I have to agree with you on Fish Out Of Water...Even Gladiator and i could have been left off for these ones imo :orly: 

16 hours ago, coolaideonfire said:

I'm on the fence about purchasing the Nicola vinyl. I have a very limited collection, and CD is still my preference, so I hope it comes out digitally or on CD eventually too! The person that runs Plastic Pop said they couldn't do digital themselves due to licencing, but appeared open to exploring the idea of CD (although vinyl is their focus so we shouldn't expect it). I assume the label themselves (Polydor?) could do something with digital or CD, or their own version of the vinyl, if they wanted to though.

Oh, seriously? I just assumed this would be released in digital as well 😪 That's disappointing. Hopefully someone will be able to rip all the new tracks!

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I had a chance to check my iTunes- no “Crash”. I must have been mistaken when I thought I recognized it. All of the snippets of the unreleased tracks hadn’t been leaked! So excited! I really do hope someone will be able to digitize and post them if there isn’t a download card included (their Sophie Ellis Bextor reissues didn’t).

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On 11/2/2021 at 9:24 PM, Skinny Legend said:

I have to agree with you on Fish Out Of Water...Even Gladiator and i could have been left off for these ones imo :orly: 

Nicola’s latest Instagram preview revealed the b-side “Fix Me”, “very nearly made the album, but I pushed for “Fish Out of Water” instead.” 😣

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