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  1. Playing Pokémon Go, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Café Mix and Asphalt (the last 3 on Switch) 😊
  2. If they are CD rips i'm fine too, since I only have youtube rips
  3. Does anyone have the m4a version of "Renegade" and "Chemistry" please? I can't find them online
  4. I'm a CD collector so I can share every release I find interesting here 😊
  5. Welcome to the forum @RomanG I hope you have fun around here, if you need something just ask for help 😊
  6. Hey there 😃 Welcome to the forum @lwtkissies
  7. Just made a mock up project for "This Heart"! I hope you guys like it 😊
  8. I totally loved it! He nailed it ❤️ Can't wait to see him live on next year 😁
  9. Could you please share them here? Oh, I didn’t know about that! Maybe that was the reason behind her album being cancelled
  10. Just added you 😃 here’s my profile too:
  11. She previewed many great songs yesterday! Some of them were pure gems, I don’t understand why EMI didn’t want her to put a record out, stating that the songs weren’t good enough... guess they lost back then
  12. I just don’t know how we could do that... or even if someone knows about the song or if someone even heard it
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