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  1. Could you please share them here? Oh, I didn’t know about that! Maybe that was the reason behind her album being cancelled
  2. Just added you 😃 here’s my profile too:
  3. She previewed many great songs yesterday! Some of them were pure gems, I don’t understand why EMI didn’t want her to put a record out, stating that the songs weren’t good enough... guess they lost back then
  4. I just don’t know how we could do that... or even if someone knows about the song or if someone even heard it
  5. I was thinking about it just yesterday when I heard the song and now it makes a little bit more sense
  6. This is the track information according to genius: ”Produced BySebastian Teigan & Ketil Jansen Written ByTayla Parx, Lauren Christy, Sebastian Kornelius Gautier Teigen, Avril Lavigne& Ketil Jansen” I know that Hilary worked with Lauren, I don’t know about the others. And Avril could have added something later so that’s the reason why she was credited. And maybe she didn’t include it because it was a Hilary’s song.
  7. I also never heard of it before. It was the first time...
  8. Guys, that website has a song named “Don’t Stop”, do you think that it is Avril’s song? Because it’s melody is very similar to what Hilary was recording those days. I was even listening to it yesterday and it seems like it is a sister of “Outlaw”
  9. Does anyone know if a version with her voice exists? And which other songs are being kept by some insiders?
  10. The Demo Version of “Snow Globe” just leaked ❤️ https://m.soundcloud.com/user-636795939/snow-globe-hilary-duff-demo-not-sung-by-hilary
  11. I’ve read about it on a Mexican Group on Facebook. That HilaryLeaks posted it for a few time and took it down. Guess we will have to wait for it
  12. It seems that “17” is circulating! Does anyone now anything about it?
  13. That’s what I was trying to tell you... I was looking for this image for so long, that’s why I said it was the best quality possible

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