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That Poppy Comes For Cameo Casmello

Main Pop Girl

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On 3/16/2018 at 1:03 AM, victorxcx said:

This Poppy girl is a mess and in this video she looks creepier than i ever seen before but i'll give her credit for exposing C*mila :cackle: The best part is when she shows that took this amount of people to write such an ugly song :cackle::cackle::cackle: 

No pop girl is safe! Hide yo weaves, hide yo islandy collabs, because Poppy is out to scalp hos! :cackle: 

On 3/16/2018 at 5:56 AM, Reflecting said:

can she go back to making her shitty computer pop music and stop coming for people who are way more talented than she will ever be

Where's the talent with Cameo tho sis? :cackle: Poppy wrote a better song with her potplant than Cameo did with ten other writers!

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14 hours ago, Countess said:

Someone give this girl an OSCAR! She deserves it just for pretending she can tolerate the grossness that is her fanbase! :yaskween:

I don't think Titanic constitutes as her fanbase since he discovered her. Are there even actual fans for this chick? :cypher: 

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