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  1. Rose

    Your favorite albums of 2018

    Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act 1 BTS - Love Yourself Tear Gfriend - Time For the Moon Night Heize - Wish & Wind RM - mono Saay - Claassic Didn't rank them though
  2. Did anyone try the mono.? I thought the mono. was lovely.


    1. BANKS.


      meeeeeeeeee, love that track produced by honne

  3. Rose

    LOOΠΔ thread

    Apparently ++ did 7-8k hanteo on the first day. In comparison, (G)I-DLE did 260 on their first day. Maybe Koreans finally decided to stop sleeping on them
  4. Rose

    LOOΠΔ thread

    So I'm pretty sure ++ will be their actual debut album and not another pre-debut project. There's a day unit and a night unit though I don't think it's been confirmed officially yet. BBC being mysterious like the usual. Though I'm excited to hear OT12 (hopefully) with fair line distribution soon ~
  5. Rose

    LOOΠΔ thread

    favOriTe is out and I have mixed thoughts about it. It's a really good song but the line distribution / screen time is so unfair with OEC, Heejin & maybe Yves having the most lines. The mv was kinda disappointing compared to the members' and sub-unit's music videos. However this is a pre-debut single I'm pretty sure (?) so I have high hopes it'll be better for their actual debut album since line distribution got better with The Carol too. Poor Vivi and Hyunjin don't deserve to stay in the BBC basement lol
  6. Rose

    Hi, im not new

    Welcome to the forum~!
  7. Rose

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    The Dally cover is such a serve!
  8. I liked his latest album and some other tracks but I can't feel sympathy for him. I'm sorry to all of his victims and his family but he's rotting
  9. I feel kind of bad but I probably won't ever not laugh at the memes
  10. Rose

    Demi Lovato Faces Backlash After "Sexual Harassment" Prank

    Didn't she bash Taylor for donating $250k for Kesha's trial and not "speaking up about it"?
  11. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #4(new) Shout Out to My Ex, @LittleMix.
  12. Pharrell Williams & Camila Cabello - Sangria Wine.. so underrated
  13. Rose

    LOOΠΔ thread

    The only thing Grimes said was "Hello, finally introducing Loona! Are you ready girls? Let's go!" I heard she also produced the dance break part but she could've been left out imo.
  14. Rose

    LOOΠΔ thread

    Such a bop The EP itself was pretty good too, I just felt Grimes' 2 lines were a bit unnecessary I guess lol. For me I think it's Girl Front > love4eva > Love&Live right now but it might change!

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