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  1. Anyone into Rico Nasty? She's my fav rapper ?
  2. Thanks this is so wonderful! ??
  3. You should listen to her more! Made For Now was cute, I like it a lot haha. Oh my that's a good question I don't know a lot about him. I think he went to trial and was going on one last tour right before he died? If he were alive today I don't think he would be able to go on tour after it all came out. Maybe he could but it would have to be a few years later. If you want to get honest he probably could have a career if he waited for things to cool down. Other rapists still have careers even in the #MeMtoo era because they waited until people stopped talking about them. Sjws would compl
  4. I'm so glad you bought it I didn't know how popular Michael until last year haha. I only knew him as Janet's pedo bro ? and I only knew Thriller from a Party City commercial haha. My mom didn't listen to him a lot and he died when I was like 4 or 5 so his music wasn't on the radio a lot [Janet's music isn't on the radio a lot here either, but because my mom loves her I grew up loving her] I should look into Michael's music one day! Who is BoA? Kylie is so good! I like Britney and Madoona too! I like most pop singers and some country singers. Made For Me Now is so good!
  5. We made it look super extra bc Zolita likes super extra things haha but yeah it's not really good haha but we'll make something cute one day ?
  6. Oh it looks so good! I don't think I've seen anything Bri Larson is in, but she seems cool
  7. Do you love Janet Jackson too? She's one of my favorite singers! Unbreakable was the first full album I listened to on my own. My mom loves her too so I grew up with her music. We used to sing All For You and dance whenever it came on haha. What songs do you like by the queen?
  8. My girl and me did this last night haha. It's for Zolita's unreleased songs. It's not good but we like it. ?
  9. I would stay a man for Brit ?
  10. 1. The Little Mermaid 2. Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure 3. High School Musical 4. High School Musical 2 5. High School Musical 3
  11. I saw Escort post and didn't see that the post was old
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