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Jessica Simpson is coming


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32 minutes ago, Countess said:

I was gonna say, wasn't she teasing this exact same album like a year ago on Ellen? :cackle: I can imagine her releasing it but I don't think she'll ever have the success she once did tbh, her image is pretty messed up at this point and the industry isn't kind on older women.

TBH, her older crowd can remember who she is and really knows her 4 her fashion line. She need to work on this new generation. I mean if Shania came back after 15 years with a #1 album, then anyone can 

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1 minute ago, victorxcx said:

I'm honestly not here for another country album tbh... We need some new iconic song like 'A Public Affair'

And She also said she doesn't have a label and she is running everything :yaskween:. And from the looks of how successful her business is now, she better translate it into her career :die:

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6 minutes ago, Xo.Xo said:

Not here for a country album. I want songs like "A Public Affair", "You spin me round (like a record)" or "Between you and i".

Walkin' Round in a circle bops too! :spy: Funny how we BOP to Public Affair:cackle: I mean, it's the crown jewel of ha Discography :hottie:


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2 hours ago, victorxcx said:

What about 'The Lover In Me'? A Public Affair is definitely her best album

She doesnt have a "best" album

Her albums are mostly filled with fillers lol

She has some pretty good songs on each one of them, but all of them have some awful songs

In this Skin is pretty close to a good album (the 1st version, without the cheesy covers)

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