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  1. Where have u seen start a war circulating? Hmm
  2. did this song get released? I know idina menzel released it, but did bethany's version got an official release?
  3. Well, if SHE was working on the album then it was another BJ situation with her vocals all over, so... No thanx, they can keep it
  4. Did she confirm that? I'd love to hear those songs with mariah vocals!
  5. That was a cheap ass video only filmed to use as backdrop for the tour
  6. I'd rather not as many of them are not even registered
  7. No one cares about them but yeah, there are quite a few songs in circulation (especially from TV)
  8. I'm still looking for the Endless Summer demo I SHARED long time ago and LOST lol
  9. Its a pretty good track, from the scrapped 3rd album Where did all these lachey fans come from? Lol
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