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  1. hi. can you clean ur dms? i have a question 

  2. i do have a few, but I only @MusicTrading channel haha
  3. Omg! THE Leona Lewis is here! Thank u for the updates Kween!
  4. lol i guess you'll have to wait till next Nov/December
  5. drama over this flop chick? lmao people need to CHILL
  6. it is!!! havent heard bonnie demos from those 2 hideous songs... bonnie gave the worst to kelly unfortunately
  7. lol i hate the bitch, havent had any communication with her and i leaked like 4/5 tracks
  8. So sad reading this thread! All the time it took for her to release a 2nd album, poor thing! And all those songs!!!
  9. Tried to message you but couldn't– would you dm me? Interested in some stuff you might have

  10. Some people still tap into broadcasts, rehearsals, etc
  11. Exactly I have proof he threatened a guy for no other than p!nk songs!! I have the emails he sent pretending to be from p!nk's camp... of course we knew it was him coz of his broken english (and because he didn't even spell the name of the dude right!) And he's right... We were about to trade though I didn't trust him (he was willing to trade the p!nk album for a single track), so of course I wanted him to send the album first. As he wouldn't (i suspected he wouldn't), there was no way I would upload the track first and be scammed by this crazy guy that i already knew, so there was n
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