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  1. I'd rather not as many of them are not even registered
  2. No one cares about them but yeah, there are quite a few songs in circulation (especially from TV)
  3. I'm still looking for the Endless Summer demo I SHARED long time ago and LOST lol
  4. Its a pretty good track, from the scrapped 3rd album Where did all these lachey fans come from? Lol
  5. coz nobody cares? lol poor kara
  6. Omg people using Kara to scam? For Gaga????? Lmao The Kara power? 🤣 Fun fact: crying at the Disco's production was reworked for this song
  7. addictedsober

    bye bye

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DCAb8KOREE and whoever thinks kara sings on crucify me hasnt clearly listened to her other demos thats not her voice... its just a session singer imitating britney's voice
  8. addictedsober

    bye bye

    are u the real kara? gurl, your platinum weird project was awesome!
  9. addictedsober

    bye bye

    same applies to If No One Will Listen and Just Missed The Train both songs were released
  10. babe, j.lo is the QUEEN of pre-recorded vocals the few times she has sung LIVE, it was a MESS so whenever you think j.lo is singing live coz its kinda weak, its def pre-recorded Shakira was probably forced to do lip sync as she just used the main vocals from the original recordings, she wasnt ready like J.Lo

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